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All Heroes Fall

Scavenger Hunts to the Doors of Death

"WHO DARES DISTURB- oh Nico," Hades began. "It's just you. I was about ready to pounce. Well, what is it?" Hades sat atop his throne picking his teeth with a bone from the gods-know-what. Nico stepped forward and proposed our idea to the Lord of the Dead. Hades' eyes sparked with interest. Whether the interest was in helping us, or what shade of black our cells would be down here, I didn't know.

It was good to see Nico again. It was especially good for Hazel, who seemed to be in an exceptional mood. She didn't have any family left. And Nico was the closest thing to it. As Nico finished telling his father the details of our request, the seven of us shared worried glances. What if he said no? Or worse, what if he helped the rest of the monsters out to get us out by just killing us right here and closing the doors himself? But then again, there goes the whole army thing. He'd probably just snatch us up and drop us right at the front line.

Nico stopped speaking and the silence that hung around us was heavier than the weight in my stomach. Hades rubbed his chin and thought through all his options. The longer he sat there, mulling over what to do, the more worried I became. Finally, he spoke.

"And, if you don't close the doors, the pompous ass up in the sky will tear you apart? Limb from limb, as I recall from your story." We all nodded. "Hmm. I believe I can help you. ON" Hades said interrupting our cheers of joy. "One condition." I was wary to agree to any terms the God of death and evil was going to set.

"What's the condition?" Percy asked. Hades smiled the smile a devil might smile. But then again, this was a devil.

"My condition," Hades began. "Is that you all bring me the knob on the Doors of Death."

"That's it?" Frank asked. Hades nodded, a sly grin on his face. That couldn't possibly be good.

The knob was on the outside of the doors. And so was the army. if we were going to get the knob, we'd have to get through hundreds of monsters who wanted our heads on a silver platter with a shiny red apple in our mouths.

This was going to be one hell of a scavenger hunt.



Really nice story!!!! Great job! Love it!

This story is one of my favourites!! Love it!

Eliza di Angelo Eliza di Angelo

You are good :)

I'm sad it's over.

Ginger Lord Ginger Lord


Thank you! And I'll definitely try to update as soon as possible.