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All Heroes Fall

The Replacement Knob

I woke to the sound of Leo singing some ridiculous song. I pulled the pillow over my head, trying to block out the terrible sound. But Leo would have none of that. He yanked the pillow away from me and kept on singing.
"Time to wake up princess!" He yelled. Growling I flung my second pillow at his head. But sadly, he ducked and it missed his bed of curls.
"Valdez, shut up!" I growled. Leo just smirked.
"Now wouldn't that be nice. But it's breakfast time and it's your loss if all the bacon is gone before you get there." He flung my pillow back at me and danced out of the room. I groaned and pulled myself out of bed to struggle into some clothing. I stuffed my pajamas under my pillow and pulled the sheets up. I walked into the dining room to see the others had waited for me. Apparently against Leo's wishes as well. He was slumped in his chair shooting daggers at me as I slowed my walk on purpose to get to my seat at the head of the table. As I sat, the rest of them began. We sat in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes until Jason spoke.
"What are we supposed to do now?" I shrugged my shoulders.
"I don't know. All I do know is that this is Percy we're talking about. He'll find some way to help us, but for now, we're on our own. I say we go back to the doors of death. The doors have to be closed on both sides, right? And the door only swings one way, as we've found before." The other five campers nodded expectantly for me to continue. "Maybe, and this may sound too simple, we could just build a knob on the other side of the door to close it." Silence greeted my ears as the five other teenagers looked at me.
Leo broke the silence to scoff.
"Are you kidding me? Those doors are magical. You can't just build some regular old knob and expect it to work."
"I'm not talking about some regular old knob though." I hesitated. Leo urged me to go on.
"Then what kind of knob are we talking about here?" I took a deep breath.
"In Daedalus's computer, it showed a blueprint for the Door's of Death. They were falling apart and monsters were escaping, so Hades asked Daedalus to redesign a stronger door. The door is made of Silverwood. That's the rarest typed of wood there is. It's funny though, because the wood is black." I chuckled a little at the last few words. Evidently, nobody else thought it was funny, because they all just stared at me strangely. I cleared my throat. "There is a stash on Olympus that is used for very important pieces. If I were to borrow some, nobody would notice. I am the one in charge of all things architectural." The group nodded their understanding and Leo smiled deviously knowing his theiving talents would be needed.
"Leo could construct the knob and attatch it to the door. We could go in, get Percy, and get out, and the doors would still be shut. And we could always remove the knob after we got him. We would have Percy, and the Doors of Death would still be shut." I leaned back and waited for the objections and outbursts to come. But they didn't. Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper, and Leo all just exchanged looks.
"Well, we don't exactly have any other ideas. Might as well give it a shot." Piper said. I grinned at her. She looked to Jason. Raising his eyebrows he looked at me.
"I agree." he said. Hazel and Frank nodded their approval as well.
"I just have one question," Leo said while rubbing his chin in thought. "How are we supposed to know what this knob will look like?"
"There are replacement bluepints on the computer that Daedalus saved in case something were to malfunction. I think I can tinker with the magic enough to reverse it and have it open the door instead of close it. The only problem I think we may run into, is taking the knob off. It isn't meant to come off easily, but it's possible." Leo nodded and leaned back in his chair to think. After a few moments, he looked up and smiled.
"When do we start?"


Suppp guys... K, so I'll try to post a chapter everyday, but I make no promises. If I don't happen to post any for two days in a row, I give you permission to attack me with reminders.


Really nice story!!!! Great job! Love it!

This story is one of my favourites!! Love it!

Eliza di Angelo Eliza di Angelo

You are good :)

I'm sad it's over.

Ginger Lord Ginger Lord


Thank you! And I'll definitely try to update as soon as possible.