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Lift Me Up

I Meet the Crew

I closed my eyes. My heart raced as I crouched behind a bush. The monster sniffed the dead fox, then took a bite of it. A little girl ran by and stopped in front of the giant dog like creature.
"Ooooh! Puppy!" She per it until it was yipping with joy. I took the distraction and ran to my trailer. My dog, Socrates, lay his head in my lap. I shivered and took my shiny black hair out of its pony tail. I heard foot steps out side.
"No Percy, it's just a mortal in there."
"What is a mortal doing in a demigod's trailer?"
"Listen Piper, all I know is that the Demigod's trail ends here."
"Let's go inside and check it out. Maybe the mortal can tell us where she is!"
"Great idea Piper, the mortal is defiantly going to know where she or he is."
"Gee Annabeth, just trying to help out."
I peeked through the window. They continued to bicker and I tried to figure out a way to escape. The blonde with short hair knocked on the door. Socrates didn't growl so I assumed it was safe to open it.
"Um, hello? Can I help you?" I muttered.
"Is your mother home?" The blonde with long hair asked me.
"Yes. I'll go get her."
Here's the thing. My mom died when I was 4. I was alone in the woods. That's when I changed shape. I turned into my counselor from school. She had black hair and big round glasses. I always tried to focus on the younger version of her when people knocked on my door. When the asked for her, I would shift to look like her.
I answered the door.
"May I help you children?"
"Ma'am, have you seen anything strange lately? Like a large dog?"
"You see them to?" I gasped.
They looked at each other and then at me.
"May we speak to your daughter?"
"Of course!" Maybe these people could help me! They could make me normal.
I was so exited I shifted into the little girl version of Mrs. Cortez.
They stared at me. I shrunk away. Now I wasn't so exited. Maybe I had scared them. Maybe they wouldn't want to help me anymore. A tear slowly trickled down my cheek. The blonde with short hair stepped closer to me.
"It's all right, we won't hurt you."
I felt like she really meant it. That made me cry harder. Nobody was ever nice to me. I was scared and alone.
"Wait! Please stop crying!" The blonde with long hair said.
"Who are you?" I whimpered.
"I'm Percy and this is Annabeth." The guy with black hair said. He gestured to the girl with long blonde hair.
"I'm Piper." The other blonde announced.
"I'm Grover. They were helping me find you," Grover muttered.
"Now you are you?" Percy demanded.
I let myself change into my real form. I have bright red hair.
"Katie Meyers," My Irish accent was thick.
They stared at me awkwardly. Piper reached out and touched my shoulder.
"How old are you?"
"16 and a half. My mother died a long time ago. My father left my mother as soon as I was born. I found an empty trailer. I've been living here as long as I can remember."
Percy at Annabeth.
"Katie, we want to take you somewhere safe. You might be able to meet your father to."
"What about Socrates?"
"He can come to."
Socrates strode over to Annabeth and looked at her with his big brown eyes.
"Aww! Hello cutie!"
She cooed. I looked wearily at Percy. He looked okay. Not my type though. I once taught a Hispanic boy (I used to be a teacher) and he was soooo cute. He was a foster child and he had elfish features and curl black hair. But he was awsome. He could build almost anything. I once had to put him in detention for a spit ball machine, but that just meant I got to spend more time with him.
"Hey! Katie, which way to the bus stop?" Percy woke me from my day dream.
"5 miles north."
I heard something in the bushes. A rustle.
"Stop!" Grover commanded.
Something leapt from the bushes. It towered in front of us. Annabeth screamed. It was a giant spider.


I love it, p-l-e-a-s-e update!!!!

Silencer Silencer

Love it please keep writing you are doing good

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos
Love it
Please keep writing!!!!
This seems really good. I can't wait for another chapter.
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