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Alexandra Orlova


After a great battle, the only thing that Alexandra remembers is plummeting to her potential death, to the ground... After that, she wakes up in the middle of a forest with her senses half-awaken. She decides to look for help and finds herself in Camp Halfblood, but she hesitates to go and ask for help from them... What is she afraid of that she cannot go and ask for help from the happiest and one of the safest places on earth for demigods?

Beware :Reading the rest of this summary and the notes within the story are optional.

You can skip chapters. (i suggest skipping all the way to Chapter 6. Or just skip to the latest chapter, if you want.)

That last phrase was a bit of a joke (you know..happiest place on earth.. and. Ok, you get it).
I know that there are no exorcists in the whole Greek and Roman mythology but let's say that the 'exorcists' of the Underworld were actually called Ghost Hunters or Soul Hunters but after the release of "Ghost Busters" there was a lot of copyrights that were a bit violated (even though Soul Hunters had almost nothing to do with hunting down goofy and/or crazy ghosts with goofy and/or genius gadgets) and so the Soul Hunters were called exorcists... Now what are these 'exorcists' (or Soul Hunters, whatever you like) were traditionally created for
a) Some demigods who were loners or simply didn't want to live in either camps
b) Since there weren't many Hades kids, almost ALL the time, someone had to keep chasing down the souls that had escaped other than Death (The guy needs to rest, no? )
c)The traditional employees (that guy that takes souls on a boat ride) always ask for a raise. Demigods NEVER and, I mean, NEVER ask for a raise. (This one was a courtesy of Hades)

And yes, these kids are given training and blah, blah, blah... Damn... I talk too much... I'll tell how Alexandra sort of fits into this whole thing but now let's get to the story! *claps* Lights, curtains, and showtime! (Hope you enjoy, leave a comment or something).


Alexandra Orlov

Alexandra Orlov

Soul Hunter, member of the Second Order, certified spy, has a license for guns, swords, & other weapons. Takes secrets very seriously. Makes it her job to know about everything and everyone, 100% guarantee that she will keep your secrets. So far, we don't know what are her special abilities except control the Mist and some minor spells.

Nico di Angelo

Nico di Angelo

Son of Hades, pretty mysterious but he's working on it, demigod from 1940's, can bring skeletons out of the ground, shadow travel, introvert?, has no license for sword, can use a sword pretty well.

Will Solace

Will Solace

Son of Apollo, head of the Apollo cabin, he's cocky and stubborn, has healing abilities, does a pretty awful supersonic whistle, and is also Nico di Angelo's (best?) friend.


  1. Chapter 1: "Why?"

    Alexandra wakes up in the middle of a forest with her senses half-awaken

  2. Chapter 2: "You got to be kidding me"

    Alexandra has reached Camp Half-blood, but she is still hesitant to ask for help. Why?

  3. Chapter 3: Reconnaissance

    When Nico decided to go for a stroll in the woods, he didn't expect the big crowd in front of the Big House, surrounding a girl.

  4. Chapter 4: Memories

    Nico is curious about the girl.

  5. Chapter 5: « Πού είναι η Αλεξάνδρα; »

    The title's translation: "Where is Alexandra?"

  6. Chapter 6: Part 1

    Alexandra is getting sick of staying at the infirmary.

  7. Chapter 6: part 2

    Continuation of Chapter 6: part 1.

  8. Chapter 7: Better to be feared than loved

    Finally! Some tinny, tiny, bit of action! *laughs nervously* (Did I mention there's Percy in it?)

  9. Chapter 8: Before the meeting

    Giving Alexandra some character.

  10. Chapter 9: Part 1

    Leonidas and his comrades feel threatened

  11. Chapter 9: Part 2

    "Say what?"

  12. Chapter 9: Part 3

    Leo Valdez is back bitches!

  13. Chapter 10: Meeting

    A weird meeting with a weird, potentially- psychotic girl

  14. Chapter 11: An Awkward Dinner (not really)


If you dont wanna read chapter 9 part 2 and 3, at least read the notes. It is mostly dialogue anyway.

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This is great! I love how you explained everything in detail. Update soon!

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Ms. and Thank you! :D Means a lot. *thumbs up*

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So far, so good. I am expecting big things from you Ms/Mrs/Mr Lolig!