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The demigods go to goode high school

Percy has no clue

Percy's POV

"Bzzzzzzzzzz" percy's alarm went off and he reluctantly got out of bed. He threw on a shirt and some pants and went downstairs. The first thing he should was 'is that blue pancakes i smell' he ran up to his mom and hugged and kissed her he looked at the time 7:40. He needed to be at school at 8:00. He dropped a pancake and ran out yelling love to to his mom.
Annabeths POV

I was so Excited. Today i would be seeing my beloved seaweed brain. None of the others knew but the rest of the seven was going to be coming along with reyna nico and thalia.
Percys POV

When i got to school i got a lot of stares. I was the captin of the swim team. I went to my locker and saw my friends. "Hey perce" i heard justen say. "Hey guys what are you doing" i asked they all stood there and looked looked they were hiding something. "Nothing we were just wondering why you keep saying you have a girlfriend all the girls in school have a crush on you and you just say 'oh no I have a girl friend' we all know its fake." I laughed.

My friends think that annabeths fake nobody thought that camp was real. I guess i should introduce them. First theres Justin. He was a dirty blonde with green eyes but not my see green eyes. Then there was Rachel who you all already know and then lily. She had long black hair and is very smart she has blue eyes but it has been brought to my attention she has no father. She also has dyslexia and ADHD. I was highly awere she might be a demigod. He was realky missing annabeth and his friends right now.
A/N hey disclaimer im not uncle rick im a teen fangirl. hey its the author and i just want to say that this is my first story so dont be mad cuz it sucks please comment and tell me what you think and what can be better and who lilys godly parent should be.



Hey! I really think you should continue! Ok out for the typos though. And about Lily's dad... Since her eyes are blue n eye colour is strongly related to parentage, it could be Zeus but that a little messed up. So maybe find male gods related to blue eyes?

Sanjana Sanjana

I just started my first story too!