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This Website’s State?


I used to frequently write and read (under the name HominisRuina) on this site but a loss of interest and and account troubles made me move on. I’m looking for people who have been on this site for a while and are still relatively active to inform me on their opinion on the websites state. I’m just curious because I used to spend a lot of time on here, but it looks like it has drastically decreased in activity.



What do you think killed the site? Was it a collective loss of interest due to a lack of books to perpetuate the fandom, did we just gradually lose the time we had to invest as we grew up, or something else? We had the awards not long before the activity seemed to plummet should that have been a sign of the sites last hurrah? I don’t mean to berate you with with questions but I used to sink hours onto this site everyday so to see it dead is kind of saddening.

HominisRuina2 HominisRuina2

Yea considering I made this post over 3 months ago and it’s still on the second page is kind of a sign of the times. I would still write on here but if there’s no one to read it I don’t really want to expend the effort... sorry for the late reply I’ve been really busy trying to prepare then cleanup due to the hurricane.

HominisRuina2 HominisRuina2

I used to write here as well about two years ago pretty frequently... I don't often use this site anymore due to the loss of activity. When I used to write here, stories were update daily; now I'm only seeing one story updated per week which is sad because there was so many talented writers like yourself.

A.D.R. A.D.R.

How is the quality?

HominisRuina2 HominisRuina2

I know, I was here when the activity on this site sort of dropped completely; I still check every now and then because of my genuine love for the site. But this site has taken a turn for the amount of content that is being posted on the site.

Tapperbear Tapperbear