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Im Emma, bffs with Nisha (obviously) I have been on here for about a year now, wow how fast time goes by. Anyways Im almost 17 years old my birthday is Sept 19 and I just love to read, play volleyball, basketball, and sewing, drawing,painting, hanging out with my friends, baking, shopping, crafts, babysitting, rearranging things, if I could just be able to talk to someone on the phone for as long as I want I would probably never stop except for sleep, and write. I try to help anybody who asks in any way I can just tell me your problem and we can figure this stuff out together :) Also if you know me you probably found out by now that I'm a fangirl who never stops, I read so much but sometimes I just dont get to finish a book, Im certainly not as good as Nisha, she has read like 20 or 15 series already and I've only gotten to my 6th I think, so yeah I try to write whenever I can but pretty soon my schedule will be pretty hectic, theres sports, babysitting, reading ect. If I dont update until like a month Im really really sorry and please dont give up on me and I support the cause that the "Hacker" should be stopped, if your reading this just give it up, its not funny and if you think stopping something better than what you have is funny, your wrong, its stupid, its selfish, and its useless, they won't stop but you can, we are one big family and your the intruder. Some advice to fellow authors, dont add another author until you you check them out or you really know them you never know what they'll do unless you check them.

My inspirations:


Nisha Di Angelo

Veronica Roth (author of the Divergent trilogy)

J.K Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series, if you didn't know who she was you are my enemy)


Frost Wrathbomber

and many other authors of the world :)

They are not in order btw!

So my friend locked me out of my kik and changed the password and everything so just pm me and if you tried to kik me over the past three days just pm me what you said :)

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?