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Hi so, uh, Fenrir_Glacies here. About my username, Fenrir is a mythical wolf-like creature in Norse mythology. "Glacies" roughly translates to "of ice". So Fenrir of Ice. The Ice part was in honor (LOL) of my OC. I'm rather fond of her. She's like my baby.

Before I move on, I'd like to say that I do not self-insert. Just because I love my OC, doesn't mean she's me. Selene (my OC) does not act like me. She acts like how I think a Daughter of Neptune who stayed in Camp Jupiter for most of her life would act.

*huffs* Moving on, more about me. I like writing but I don't always post my works. Why? My self-confidence isn't so great. I'm confident in some things but when it comes to stuff like music and writing, no. (which is funny because those are the two things I am most passionate about)

I love the Percy Jackson series. My favorite character is Jason because he's a precious baby. Okay, I admit, maybe one of the reasons why Jason's my favorite character is because he reminds me of my childhood friend whose name also happens to be Jason. My CHF Jason is also the person who pops in my mind whenever Jason scenes come out.

My other favorite character (she's now a tie with Jason, possibly even more) is Reyna. She is also very precious. I love how strong she is but at the same time, she can be really vulnerable. She must be protected at all costs. :((

And fine, I'll admit. I have one more favorite character. Thalia Grace. Enough said.

Oh yeah, you can call me Kido, Kai, or RJ. How those names came up... long story.

Uh... I go to a science high school. I hate it but love it. I hate how much requirements we're given. I hate how I end up sleeping at 5 in the morning and waking up at 6:10. But I love the experience, the friends I make, and some of the teachers. There's just so much pressure because apparently the "government is investing a lot" in us. @_@

Huh. I don't know what else to say about myself so I'll stop before I embarrass myself even further.

Current projects:

  • Re-writing of my story "Daughter of Neptune" (DoN). It would (in effect) be the 3rd version of the story. The first one wasn't posted because it was shit and I wrote it on a whim.
  • LOOOOONG One-shot about how, when, and why Selene met Lycaon the first time. This was mentioned in DoN. Not sure if I'm going to go through this one, though.
  • If I go through with the previous, I'll write a series of one-shots feat. Selene, Jason, and Reyna.
  • Series of one-shots. Prompt-based. AU.
  • Legacies and the Olympian Artifacts. Occurs after Blood of Olympus. Sequel to DoN and HoO. Still in the researching and plot-outlining phase. Could possibly be a series. No further details can be disclosed.
Oh yeah for those people who really liked DoN, I sort of have a tumblr blog for it. It's just for the author's notes (and some of my other musings) because not everybody likes reading author's notes. The blog is fenrir-glacies.tumblr.com.

UPDATE (as of 03/19/2015)
I may or may not have moved on to other fandoms after the disappointment that is Blood of Olympus. The fandoms I'm currently writing for include (but not limited to) Carmilla and The 100.


The Forum

The Forum

PG Teen Drabble

We're back....again.


9.1 19 Votes
Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives

PG-13 Romance Drama Tragedy

I was doomed to lose him over and over again. Each time I do, I remember. I remember all of them


10.0 7 Votes
Daughter of Neptune: The Forgotten Hero

Daughter of Neptune: The Forgotten Hero

PG-13 Comedy Action Adventure

She never wanted this to happen. She never wanted to be... forgotten.


Completed ✓
8.9 28 Votes