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Seeking Happiness

Chapter 35

I was pacing, my nails worn down from my anxious chewing. I couldn't wait for Percy to get home, I absolutely hate being away from him. It's cliche but I definitely feel more complete when he's around. What I wasn't looking forward to was Calypso. Yes I understand its pathetic, I'm married to Percy and am the mother of his children. Not only that but I'm almost positive he's in love with me, or so hes told me over a hundred dozen times.

I don't even think I have anything to be jealous of. According to Percy nothing ever happened between them. He did admit that there was a subtle attraction but nothing compared to what he felt for me. I tried to not think about it, about what they could possibly be doing on that long boat ride back. Then there was Luke, we broke the news that Thalia was sick in the Iris message about a day ago. There was no telling in what condition he would arrive.

I could feel the anxiety bubbling in my stomach, churning with every thought. Piper and Jason were walking up to where I was standing by the Argo II land dock. Noah and Gracie were with them, just the sight of them eased my nerves. Gracie was giggling and Noah was reaching for me, even though he was a good ten yards away. As soon as they were in reaching distance Jason handed him over, much to Noah's delight. He put his head on my chest and within minutes I could feel his heavy breaths as he drifted into a nap. Jason laughed, "It's been a long day keeping up with that one today. We went to the lake and he floated around for a good hour or two." Piper sat down with Gracie and started to comb through her hair, "Gracie and I read to Thalia today, she loves the big picture books."

I was happy that at least one of my children was showing some interest in something academic. I mean don't get me wrong I understand that there not even a year old, so academia wasn't expected to be a priority to them. But it still felt good to know that there was a chance that Gracie was going to like books, the ultimate symbol of knowledge.

Glen came over with a couple glasses of pink lemonade, "So who's excited for our hero's to be home?" I held out my hand, "You have no idea." Just as i started drinking I could feel Noah's drool running down my back. A couple of moths ago this may have bothered me, but now, I guess you could say I was used to it.

Glen sat down next to Piper and handed her a glass. She handed him Gracie while she took a break and drank her lemonade. "So Glen, who are you here for? I mean we're here waiting on Percy, but I didn't think you guys were all that close." Glen was playing with Gracie's curls, "Well if you must know, Nico and I have become pretty good friends lately." Jason choked on his drink, and turned as pink as the lemonade. Piper gave him a questioning look, "Jason, it's lemonade, you drink it, not inhale it. Besides it's not nice to laugh. Nico is perfectly capable of having friends, contrary to popular belief he can be quite friendly." Glen winked in Jason's direction, "Oh yeah, very friendly." I don't know what that was all about, but I'm sure it was my business I would, so I wasn't going to ask.

I was trying to concentrate on their conversation but my attention was focused on the sky where the Argo II would be sailing in. My eyes would dart from them to the sky and back again. I was about to start pacing again when the the the bow of the ship came into view. The ship slowly made its decent, the process probably only took about ten minutes, but it felt like an hour if not longer.

As soon as Percy's feet hit the ground I swallowed him in a hug. He hugged me back and gave Noah a kiss on the forehead. Gracie was squealing with excitement when Percy ran over and cooped her up. She got a fist full of his hair and was clinging to his shirt. He loosened her grip on his hair, "I think someone missed me." Nico walked up behind me, "Oh yeah, I'm sure they all did, however would the camp survive without you." I thought he was being cruel but I saw that he was smiling and Percy was laughing. Nico walked straight over to Glen, they looked a little awkward, but they only stayed for a minute or so before saying their goodbyes and leaving for the night.

I was wondering where Luke was, but he probably bolted to get to Thalia as soon as the ship pulled in. I would go visit them later but for now I was excited to bring my family home. We were all heading back to the cabins when someone cleared their throat behind us. I bit my lip and rolled my eyes, I had almost forgotten about Calypso. "Hi, I'm Calypso, Uhm.. I was wondering where... where you would like for me to stay." I turned around to look at her and I wish I hadn't. She was beautiful, but not in an extravagant way. But my jealousy was short, when I looked in her eyes all I saw was sadness. She had lost her love, and she has recently left the only place she has ever known. She gave up everything to be with Leo, and Leo is gone. I decided then and there that this girl did not deserve my jealousy nor my anger, but she did deserve a friend.

I walked up and picked up one of her only three bags. "Hi I'm Annabeth Ch-... Jackson. You can sleep in Cabin three. You're a sea goddess right? So I figured you would be most comfortable there." I handed the bag to Jason, "Do you mind showing her the way?" He nodded, "Of course, no problem." I watched them walk away towards the cabins. Percy took my hand, "As happy as I am that you two are getting along, can you please tell me how you plan on living under the same roof as her?" I smirked, "I don't." He glared at me with his best sassy face, "Well where do you plan on sleeping then? The stables? I wouldn't object I actually find them quite homey. But you never know Black Jack might mistake your hair for hay and you'll wake up with a nice hair cut."

I wanted to punch in the arm, but considering the fact we were both holding sleeping children that was probably not a good idea. "Just follow me seaweed brain." I lead him past the cabins down the marble sidewalk. I stopped in front of the sign that said Long Island Elysium.



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I read all of the books years ago, but I have recently been getting into fan-fics. This is honestly the best one I've read so far. Only request is more of Grover, other than that one chapter it feels like you forgot about him. But great read overall!

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I agree with both Ideas

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