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Seeking Happiness

Chapter 36

There are no words for how perfect our little house is. The first thing I noticed was the colors, blue and gray. On the front door in bronze was an owl holding a trident. She looked at me with a very proud look on her face, "You ready to go inside?" I eagerly nodded my head, "Yes please, give me the tour."

She opened the door that lead into the first floor. To the left was the living room, complete with a comfy looking sofa, radio, tv, and coffee table. To the right was the library, every wall was a bookshelf. There was a desk with a laptop and couple of the fancy looking leather chairs. Straight ahead was the kitchen, and I'm going to be honest I don't think we're going to get much use out of that because neither of us had any idea how to cook. There was a bathroom around the corner between the kitchen and library. Next she lead me up the stairs. The banister made of polished marble, and the steps made of wood. I took each step like it was a step towards Olympus. At the top I could see that there were four bedrooms with one bathroom in the middle.

Annabeth pointed to the bedroom to the far left. "For right now the twins can share a room, but considering they are different genders I thought they would want their own room eventually." She pointed to the room twp rooms to the right, "That room will be reserved for guests." Then she turned to me and gave me that brilliant smile, "And the room over there, all the way to the right. That's our room." I started to walk towards it but she put her hand on my chest stopping me. "Wait, why don't you go put the kids to bed, and then meet me in there." I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, "Yes ma'am, I'll be there in a minute."

I opened the door to the nursery and took a deep breath. I could smell the sea, but then again that was probably the cribs and the chair I was smelling. This was my new home, I couldn't believe she did all this. I put the twins down in the cribs my father made and took a look around. Two walls were Blue with a gray owl, while the other two were gray with blue waves. In between the cribs hanging on the wall was a trident, and the floor was painted to look like it was covered in pages from books. You could even read some of them. They were in a dozen languages that I could see, English, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, I think one of them was German, but then there were several I didn't know. If this was the twins room I couldn't wait to see mine.

I reluctantly left the kids behind, I missed the past couple weeks. I walked down the hall to my room. My hand hesitated at the handle, not because I was nervous, but because I was too excited and I wanted to try and contain myself before I walked in there looking like an excited puppy. One breath two breath, okay I think I'm ready. I opened the door expecting to see my wife, in our new room, in our new house, looking all sexy and what not. I walked and was shocked. Not only where there blues and grays, but there was gold, bronze, and silver. A bronze Owl was clutching a silver Trident was hanging over the bed. This bed was massive, taking up half the room. The bed frame was made of marble edged with gold, and huge black comforter. And in the middle of that bed was my wife. Wearing a sexy... pair of sweatpants and tank top.

I don't care what anyone says, I still think she was beautiful. I wagged my eyebrows at her, "Hello gorgeous. You are looking mighty fine tonight." She narrowed her eyes at me, "You don't really mean that, you're just feeling a bit frisky." I mocked a very hurt look, "Me, joke around, never. I promise you my claim was genuine and my intentions pure." She laughed, "Percy do you even know what half of those words mean?" I shrugged, "Eh, maybe, maybe not. Maybe I'm the smart one and I just don't want to steal your thunder." She crawled to the edge of the bed, "And maybe I'm the better sailor." I pulled my shirt off, followed by shoes and pants.

She giggled, "Oh ya, take it off!" I pretended to a stripper pose, "Hey baby don't tease me unless you have some singles you're ready to part with." She put her hands on my chest and looked right into my eyes, "I gave you two children and a house, I think it's you who owes me a little something something." I liked where this was going.

I kissed her and I felt all of my tension melt away. I missed her so much, the past couple weeks were awful without her. She wrapped her hands around my neck and pressed herself to me, I could tell she missed me too. I laid her down on the bed, and kissed her neck. She pulled down her pants and lucky for me she was not wearing any underwear. I laced my fingers through hers, and pulled her hands above her head. Our kisses were passionate, we were hungry for each other. We moved in harmony, as one, and I guess that's what being in a relationship was. When you're a couple you are two people, but when you make the jump to being in a relationship you become one.

Our heated moment ended and the cool down period began. I am a man, and I am not afraid to say that I love to cuddle. Especially when it was with Annabeth.



This is really good Pleease update!!!!
Or write a complete different story

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Garg0yle Garg0yle

I read all of the books years ago, but I have recently been getting into fan-fics. This is honestly the best one I've read so far. Only request is more of Grover, other than that one chapter it feels like you forgot about him. But great read overall!

rexdude99 rexdude99

I agree with both Ideas

So great!!!!! I actually love this soo much!!! Please update as soon as you can!

Percababies!! Percababies!!