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the romans meet the greeks


the romans are about to attack camp half blood. the greeks have no explanation or warning. told from a new characters point of view mariana


  1. chapter 1

    the romans are about to attack camp half blood.they have no explanation or warning, but its told by a new point of view: mariana

  2. chapter 2

    the greeks are about to meet the romans when the romans try to attack. can they make peace or will there be war?

  3. chapter 3

    what will happen when chiron finds out??


Thank you!

ericcaa1211 ericcaa1211

that was awesome!

Caleo Caleo
thank you so much! that means a lot to me! and yes I do know about some of the spelling and capitalization errors. I had meant to go back and check it but I had forgotten to do it before I posted the story. its just easier for me to write all my ideas and then go back for spell check. but anyways thank you so much and your feedback is greatly appreciated!


ericcaa1211 ericcaa1211
OMG, so first of all, thanks for the follow on tumblr! I'm the Perplexed Girl :) Much appreciated. And I have never read fan fiction before but can I tell you, this is something special. Omg... my eyes are literally glued to the screen because of how you've literally just spun off from the percy jackson story but still kept main elements, I think its perfect. Please write more.... Pretty please :D Beautifully written, don't want to be a critic or anything but check the spelling for Zeus wonderful and capital letters :D Sorry! But its great! Really good!!!!
Mojo Mojo