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My new life.

Chapter 2.

I opened my eyes, reavealing a blurred and unclear image. Sleepiness overwhelmed me and my head felt as though it was stuffed with cotton wool that weighed the same as me. This is not my room, I thought and began wiping desperatley at my eyes. As my vision cleared I let myself observe the new surroundings- It was a forest, suclueded yet I had a sneeky suspicion I was not alone. The light was gradually draining from the sky, barely visible through the thick of trees above, and nocturnal creatures were beginning to start their day.
My back was stiff and aching, my butt numb for hours of sitting down, when did I sit down in a forest?? I noticed I was positioned up against the trunk of a tree and pushed myself away with a rustle of dying leaves. All of a sudden a person fell from the tree above, right in front of me, actually they more leaped than fell... I stumbled backwards and my head bounced off the tree with a satisfying crack. "Ouch!" I gasped as I clutched my skull, blood trickling on my fingers. I stared up at the familiar grinning face of Caleb. "Damn it Caleb! Why d'you have to be such a jerk sometimes?" I growled.
"Hey, no harm done" He smiled.
"No harm done-" I started to pull my bloodied hand from my skull when I took a second glance at my friend. He looked just like himself- stupid grinning face, scruffy golden locks and was wearing his favourite pokemon top sporting a rather cute, baby bulbasaur. However from the waist down he wasn't human. His legs were matted with brown fur and his feet were subsituted for cloven hooves. I stared at him dumb struck a moment before I jumped to my feet and sprinted as fast as I could.
What on earth was going on? What had happened to my friend? Was it like some Werewolf thing? Had he been bitten by a goat and became a hybrid?
I was so completely lost In thought I didn't even notice when a rope net dropped down and tangled me within. It was surprisingly heavy as my legs bucked beneath me, getting me knotted up even more.
"Told ya it'd work" Called Taylor jumping from a tree just as Caleb had. Her blonde hair had leaves and twigs woven in making her look like an elf of the Seelie court.
"Smart move Taylor" Caleb said jogging over. "I didn't think it would."
"Dude, I'm a master pranker. Traps is what I do best." Taylor grinned mischeiviously.
"Taylor get me out of this right NOW!" I demanded.
"Oh, right" She looked down as if noticing me for the first time. "Promise you wont run, then you can get out"
"What? No! Get me out!"
"Promise on the river Styx" Caleb added.
"What the hell is the river Styx? What's going on!? Caleb since when were you a Were-goat?" Taylor chuckled at this and Caleb gave her a glare of pure hatred.
"What?" She asked defensivley.
"Swear on the river and then you'll be free and we'll answer anything you want." Caleb finalised.
"Fine!" I grumbled. "I swear on the Styx that I wont run away... yet." As soon as the last words slipped out my mouth thunder boomed in authority. Caleb crossed his arms and looked pleased with himself. "Can I get out now?"
"Sure" Caleb said smugly as Taylor dropped to her knees to help.
It took a while to cut the net after we found it was also entwined with a bush nearby but once it was freed I jumped to my feet and started my interrogation.
Caleb seemed to expect it and said "What do you wanna know?"
"What are you?"
"A satyr. Half man half goat."
"Like that thing from Greek Myths?"
"Exactly like that. We Satyrs usually work for Camp Half-Blood, trying to seek out demi-gods to bring them safely back to camp. Other Satyrs also become seekers, and try to search for the god Pan."
"What's Camp half blood? What's a demi-god? What does a frying pan have to do with this? And I thought Saytrs were only myths? And what happened? How did I get into a forest? Aren't we supposed to be at school?" I could help it anymore, the questions just flew out my mouth without me even thinking about it.
Caleb began to explain what happened when It all came flooding back. The gym teacher, the massive dog (which Caleb said was a hell hound summoned from the underworld),and then the forest and my passing out. I tried to focus as he went on to explain about the Greek gods and myths being real, but my head couldn't quite proccess it. All I got was words and names like-Athena, Ceberus, Elysium- swirling around my mind, it was begining to make me dizzy.
"So why did I get chased by a hell hound again?" I asked for the fouth time still rubbing my throbbing temples.
"I did some looking into it. It turns out Dustin was arranging a military school for you behind your mothers back. When I looked it up, the teacher turned out to be a manticore. Best guess is he sent that hell hound after ya too." Taylor recited.
"So why was it after me in the first place?"
"You know you never knew anything about your dad? Well he's still alive. He's a god. We don't know which yet. You need to be claimed." Caleb said looking bored, as though he'd had this conversation a thousand times before.
"So You're a demi-god too?" I asked Taylor.
"Yup! Daughter of Hermes, god of Travellers, messangers and theives. Caleb found me in Michigan by accident while travelling to meet you. He brought me along as soon as I got claimed."
"Right..." I said not able to deal with Taylor's enthusiasim.
"I need to get you guys to camp. We've took long enough. And now that you both know the truth, the more dangerous this is. We need the Chariot of Damnation."
"I thought you said the Grey sisters only worked in greater New York and surrounding areas?" Taylor asked, I was already lost back at Hermes.
"They do. I'll just have to pull out my Drachma savings to convince them."
"What's a Drachma?" I said feeling like a total idiot.
"It's the currency of Olympus" Caleb shot back quickly, he began rumaging through his pockets before he pulled out a pouch of golden coins and threw three onto the pathway muttering in another language "Stêthi 'Ô hárma diabolês" I was shocked to find I understood it perfectly: Stop Chariot of Damnation.
A womens voice peirced throught the forest loud and clear. "We do not ferry people outside of New York. Go there and call again."
"Triple pay!" Caleb yelled quickly causing birds to fly from nearby trees.
"Done!" The invisible voice called. And then, all of a sudden a cab melted from the ground looking grey and wispy. It didn't look quite real, more like smoke or an angry storm cloud.
"Well this is our ride! Hop in then!" Caleb grinned opening the smoke like door which surprisingly didn't disintergrate under his touch.
Taylor looked exstatic and bounced up and down "This is SO cool!" She grinned and pushed her way into the cab. I meanwhile felt sick. I was worried if I tried to sit inside it would fall from beneath me. I didn't trust this cab but forced my self into the middle seat and Caleb squished in next to me.
"What's so special? It looks like a run down old dumpster cab." I said but no one seemed to notice. I looked for a seatbelt and instead found a thick chainin it's place. I was so stunned I didn't even hear the voice over that spilled from the speakers.
"To camp half blood!" Caleb said handing the rest of his pouch to the driver.... drivers. There was three!! "Hold on!" Caleb grimaced. Before I could do anything the cab shot off leaving my stomach behind as we zoomed a hundred miles per hour to New york. I gripped the seat with strength I didn't even know I possessed and tried my hardest not to throw up.


If you're reading thank you for being so patient!! I hope you like it and I'd like to give a special thanks to Sporteegurl and Thalia grace for your amazing comments on the last chapter :)


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Unfortunatley so :/
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Book stores tend to be slow
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@Thalia grace
Thanks!! I went straight after school to find it but WHSmith didn't have it :(
Awesome job and your right now if only barnes and noble would allow me to read it.... great job!!
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LOL thats my job!! :)
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