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Save the one I love or die trying

From the beginning...

  • I don’t know where to start so how about the beginning. I was walking home from school with my sister Alexis. I was asking Alexis about what songs she thought we should play in our rehearsal, she and I were in a duo music group we didn't have a name but I played the piano and she sang. She always complemented me on my piano skills, it was actually kind of amazing I could play every instrument that I tried almost as if I had for years, and every instrument I played she could mimic it with her voice. Our dad left us when we were very young, neither of us had any memories of him, but mom told us everything about him to us, about how his wavy hair shone in the sun like ours, how he was a masterful musician, and about why he left she said that because he was a musician on one of his tours after she was pregnant with us there was an earthquake and the stage collapsed on him, although, mom never told me where he is buried. Which explained why was that I always into music, but not of why I loved the sun and being outside, and that also did not explain why for some reason Alexis and I never got sick, mom did occasionally but we never did.
Just then a few older guys, who were maybe twenty, jumped out from an alleyway and grabbed us. I tried to wrestle away from them but that was all I remembered.
The next thing I knew was I was knelt down on both my knees with my hands tied behind my back and a black bag over my head. I could hear waves lapping against some walls then I realized we were rocking back and forth.
“We’re on a boat.” I murmured to myself. I looked up to see a strange figure standing over me obviously it was human but I didn't know who he was. His hand felt warm and comforting as he grabbed the bag on my head and whipped it off only to let it float to the ground. My gaze never left him. He was tall much taller than me, he had short blonde hair and a simple smirk of amusement of his face.
“Oh how rude of me, let me introduce myself.” He said
As he talked I looked around to take in my surroundings. I saw a large hourglass sitting on a table next to someone bound to a chair with a black bag over their head just as I had, I recognized the person immediately it was Alexis.
“I’m Luke son of Hermes.” He said with a wisp of disgust in his voice.
That struck me as odd because the only Hermes I knew was the, messanger of the gods in Greek mythology. I giggled a little at how he thought he was a descendent of a god.
“What is so funny? He said slowly and with impatience in his voice.
So I thought it be best not to keep him waiting, “you really think you’re a descendent of a fictional god.”
“My dad is as real as they come, son of Apollo!” he then laughed a little looking around to see what were mostly likely his henchmen laughing at his statement as if it was funny.
“What are you talking about?” I asked. “And what do you want with me and my sister?” I demanded.
“Oh?” he sounded surprised. “Did mommy never tell you?”
“Tell me what? That I was going to be kidnapped by a fucking delusional weirdo?” I persisted
His smirk which he had worn up till now faded into a dead stare as if he were ready to kill me.
“Just tell us what you want?” Asked Alexis her voice almost sounded as though she was crying.
Luke’s head snapped over to her. He made a hand motion and his henchmen removed the black bag over her head he walked over to her slowly and knelt down in front of her. Her golden blonde hair flowed down over her face covering it up, but she was bouncing up and down crying trying to get out. Luke reached through her golden waves and lifted her chin up so he could see her face. She tried jerking away but he grabbed her face very violently and now held it in place.
“I want your brother to go to camp half-blood find a girl named Annebeth and bring her here or else I will kill you when this hourglass runs out.” He whipped his head back towards me made another hand gesture towards me and his henchmen grabbed me and spun me in a circle but when I stopped I was wearing a leather jacket standing in a large forest, I turned around to see a Hugh stone gateway and on the top it read camp half-blood. It looked so serene because the sun was directly in the center of the gateway. I felt around in my pockets to find a glass ball with dust that formed into a yacht I could only assume this was the ball of foreseeable travel which I had read about during my Greek mythology classes all you do is think of where you want to go and smash it on the ground in front of you and if the person who smashed was in physical contact with another person they also would travel with them.
“This is it” I thought to myself. “Time to go and rescue the one I love or die trying”


Dude, cool story. It would be cool to put more detail in it, but I like it.

Deadpool Deadpool
I like it!!! You should keep writing, I think this is going somewhere. :)
I am pretty new to this so if anyone has any advice or comments i would really like to hear, no matter how harsh it is.
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