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Son of War

A Bloody Spear Hangs Above My Head

I know just what you're thinking. Being a demigod is the coolest thing, right? Wrong. Being a demigod is probably worse than being imprisoned on Al Catraz. Yea. That's right. You think fighting monsters everyday, almost dying in every fight, and running into a god who could kill you any moment is cool? Well then you my friend, are crazy.

My name is Andrew. Andrew Kevins. Yes, yes I am a demigod and it is no fun at all. Sure, being friends with Percy Jackson is pretty cool but I mean being the son of Ares. That's not fun at all.

I guess I'll start out the day I'd figured out I was a son of the war god. It was around mid November when I was at school. The bell had rang and it was finally time for lunch. As I get out of class I see a group of Juniors over by their lockers giving me dirty looks. One came up to me and started talking to me in some ancient language. It was obviously Greek and I could easily interpret it, but back then I had no clue how I could. Anyway, this guy starts saying how he knows I'm a son of Ares and that I can't hide it and this whole time I'm thinking what are you talking about. I guess this guy was some kind of monster because when he stopped talking, he started turning into a strange wolf guy. He was half human half wolf which was especially creepy. His head was a wolf's head but his torso and below was human. What is happening, I kept thinking to myself. The wolf-boy charged it me with tremendous speed but I easily sidestepped it and he basically but himself into a headlock. I grabbed with by the neck and I twisted his head like a guy showed me once in a self defense class. The wolf-boy turned into gold dust. The whole time I was fighting I hadn't even seen the bloody spear hanging above my head which meant that Ares was claiming me as his son. "That's why you don't mess with the war god," I said, staring at the gold dust.

Please tell me how you guys like my first story.


It was great. I like it. Hes telling the story as if it had already happened. Continue continue, you have potential I can see it. its interesting although it might help to develop your own characters without referencing Percy by name. You know the son of poseidon or the hero of Olympus. Vauge titles that point to him but still leave the reader within your time.
Beikeiai17 Beikeiai17