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Sea Princess

Chapter 24

It had been a few days since Luke had managed to knock me out and since then nothing else had happened. I was getting lessons in with the guys around here to keep me sharp. They thought they were training me for the upcoming war but I was preparing myself for the upcoming fight when Percy and all they got here. I was practicing my sword skills with one of Luke's guys who seriously seemed like he couldn't get his shit together. I just stared at him as he stuck his sword tip into the ground to lean upon it as he caught his breath. I stood there and put my sword on my shoulder.

"Tired already?" I asked.

"No," He grumbled. I just rolled my eyes and went to turn away. As I walked away from him I heard footsteps advancing on me quickly and I quickly side stepped him and slammed my sword out so he ran into the flat part of my blade knocking him down to the ground.

"You need to work on running quietly." I muttered as I glanced down on him from where I stood above him. He glared at me through his eye slits and I smirked down at him.

"Bitch." He muttered. I shrugged and then just started to walk away again. I pulled my armor off as I put my sword into its holder.

"That was a good practice." Luke commented as I joined him. I just glanced up at him and shook my head.

"No, it wasn't. It was sad." I muttered as we started to walk. There was something off about him that had progressively getting worse within the last few days. We were going to head and get something to eat, which I was thankful for because I was personally starving.

"Cassi," He murmured. He put a hand on my shoulder stopping me and I turned to face him.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What's wrong?" He asked. A million things raced through my head as he asked me that question. I was wondering where Percy and them were. I was wondering how in the name of Hades we were going to save Artemis and Annabeth from these people. I was wondering how much longer I was going to be forced to play the part of spy for them. Well, I had actually gotten myself into that one but I was tired of playing it.

"Hmmm just tired of doing the same old same old day after day. I'm getting bored here Luke." I said. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. We walked in silence for a moment and then we heard running towards us. I turned around to see Dr. Thorn running to Luke. He glared down at me and then looked over at Luke.

"They have finally arrived. They're looking for Nereus." He said.

"Alright. They'll find their way here." Luke said. Thorn nodded and then ran off again and I swallowed and Luke stared down at me.

"Nervous to see them after you've switched sides?" He asked. I nodded. He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Brother and sister reunited. Maybe you'll be able to convince Percy." He said. I chuckled and nodded knowing that as soon as Percy and they got here I was going to fighting with them against Luke and Luke would be hurt by that. I bit the inside of my mouth and we kept walking. Luke took me to my room and get a shower. Once I was out of the shower I got dressed and stared at myself in the mirror as I let my hair air dry around my face so that it would get those beach curls everyone loved.

"You're going to take this into your own hands tonight." I muttered to myself. I was going to show Luke that I was a force to be reckon with and that I wasn't on their side and I never would be. I wiped my mirror clean of the steam and stared at myself. I sighed and started to put my make-up on before walking out to my room. I kept messing with my hair hoping to get it to dry fast. It seemed like forever until there was a knock at my door.

"Come in." I muttered. Luke stuck his head into the door and nodded at me. I nodded and I grabbed my necklace with my bracelet. I already had my key tucked safely inside my hand so that when it was time to leave with Percy and them I would. We walked out with Atlas, who was the General I had learned within the last few days. He was treating me like I was their damned princess. I mean I guess I was since Luke was supposed to be king in the new world order or something like that. I didn't get all the details for that plan yet because Kronos I don't believe trusted me all that much, which yet again I didn't blame him for. I sighed when we stopped before the summit. We had the golden casket of Kronos behind us which made me feel weird inside because there were monsters carrying it and because it was a freaking casket. Why did we have to carry this thing around with us?

"There Cassi is your precious Artemis." Luke sneered. I looked at him confused and then he pointed at the summit of Mt. Othrys to see Artemis chained there holding the world on her shoulders like Atlas had been. Luke hadn't let me see her only Annabeth which allowed me to give her enough food during the last few days to get her energy back up. And poor Annabeth was right here with us chained and gagged, with backbiter being pointed at her throat. It was taking all the strength in the world not to make me hit Luke in the head and make a run for it with her.

"You...you're making Lady Artemis hold the sky up?" I stammered. She glanced at me and I glanced at Luke appalled by his decisions.

"All the gods will have to suffer the punishments they put the titans through." Luke muttered.

"Why?!" I demanded. He glared down at me.

"Because Kronos has decided." He snapped. I growled at him and he looked at me surprised.

"This is sick!" I snapped. He went to grab me put I maneuvered out of his way and his eyes widened slightly. Since I had been here I was getting trained by one of his men in hand to hand combat and how to avoid attacks Luke had been to do to me.

"Don't touch me." I growled.

"My lady!" I heard Zoe yell. No. This was the trap. They were going to try and kill them here. I swallowed and glanced down to see Zoe run to Artemis to help her and tugged at the celestial bronze chains that they had put her in.

"Ah how touching." Atlas said from beside me. I glanced at Percy and his eyes met mine. Thalia looked at me shocked and my hand squeezed my key and it transformed into a sword. Percy and I locked eyes and he tilted his head to the side before understanding what I was doing. He knew. It was the thing we had going on. I whistled to Percy. It was tune that we decided way back when was going to be our tell. It meant I was playing traitor with Luke. He hated it when I did it but there wasn't anything Percy could do with what I decided I was going to do.

"Luke let her go." Thalia growled. Luke just gave her a weak smile and for the first time I noticed he looked worse than he had when he first picked me up.

"That is the General's decision, Thalia. But it's good to see you." Luke commented. I rolled my eyes ready to stab him. Thalia just spit in our direction. She glared at me and I stared at her. I saw Percy nudge her ever so slightly.

"So much for old friends. And Zoe it's been a long time. How is my little traitor? I will enjoy killing you." Atlas said. I growled.

"Do not respond. Do not challenge him." Artemis groaned. I flinched a little hearing her voice like this. I couldn't do it.

"Wait a second. You're Atlas." Percy said. I nodded and he looked at me before looking back at him.

"So, even the stupidest of heroes can finally figure something out. Yes, I am Atlas, the general of the titans and terror of the gods. Congratulations. I will kill you presently, as soon as I deal with this wretched girl." He said.

"You're not touching him." I commanded. Luke and he both froze. I saw Atlas look at me and I met his gaze head on. I didn't break the connection until he looked back at Percy. I felt Luke shift beside me slightly and I glanced over at him through narrowed eyes. He glared at me in warning.

"Cassi shut up." Luke commanded.

"I'm not letting him hurt Percy!" I snapped.

"You're not going to hurt Zoe. I won't let you." Percy said. I looked at him.

"You have no right to interfere, little hero. This is a family matter." Atlas sneered. I looked at him confused and then looked to Zoe. What did he mean it was a family matter? Why didn't I pay more attention to Greek Mythology?

"A family matter?" I asked confused.

"Yes, Atlas is my father." Zoe said. Well, wasn't that a game changer. I blew my hair up out of my eyes and tucked a strand behind my ear. Well, okay this changed things a lot.

"Let Artemis go." Zoe demanded. Atlas walked closer to Artemis and it was making the hair on my neck raise. I saw Luke look down at me through narrowed eyes as if he could read my mind.

"Perhaps you'd like to take the sky for her, then? Be my guest." Atlas said. I saw Zoe go to say yes when Artemis forbid her from doing so. I turned away and stopped listening to the little banter between Atlas and those two for a moment. Then I heard him move and I watched as he approached Thalia and Percy. I tensed.

"So these are the best heroes of the age, eh? Not much of a challenge. I thought there was more." Atlas said before glancing at me.

"Fight us, and let's see." Percy said.

"Have the gods taught you nothing? An immortal does not fight a mere mortal directly. It is beneath our dignity. I will have Luke crush you instead." Atlas said.

"Over my dead body." I whispered quietly.

"You're another coward." Percy said. Atlas just ignored Percy and looked at Thalia.

"As for you, Daughter of Zeus, it seems Luke was wrong about you. Good thing we got the Daughter of Poseidon." Atlas said.

"Her name is Thalia and I have a name to. It's Cassandra Chrysler." I snapped. I was just ignored, again. You know I was getting freaking tired of this underestimating me shit. I was just as good as Percy and Thalia when it came to fighting but no one ever noticed.

"I wasn't wrong and plus either one of them can call it. Call the Ophiotaurus. It will come to either one of you. Look!" Luke said as he looked over to the little pond of water. I glanced at Thalia confused.

"The what?" I asked confused.

"It looks like a cow and a serpent in one." Luke said and my eyes widened. Oh my god Percy and I had saved it that night before we came on the quest. By gauging my reaction Luke knew I had seen it before and he grabbed me before I could even blink.

"Think of it now." He commanded me. I shook my head quickly and he glared at me harshly. I tried to yank out of his grasp but it had become like steel, and he wouldn't budge.

"You will be more powerful than the gods." He muttered to me and Thalia.

"Luke...what happened to you?" Thalia asked painfully. I glanced at her breathing heavily as I glanced up at Luke.

"Don't you remember all those times we talked? All those times we cursed the gods? Our fathers have done nothing for us. They have no right to rule the world!" Luke said. I shook my head and tried to pry my way out of his grasp but he wouldn't budge. He was leaving bruises on my arms.

"Free Annabeth. Let her go." Thalia said shaking her head.

"If you join me, it can be like old times. The four of us together. Fighting for a better world. Please Thalia, if you don't agree...it's my last chance. He will use the other way if you don't agree please." Luke said. I looked up at him as a chill set into my bones. He glanced down at me with a sorry look in his eyes and I knew I hadn't proven myself to Kronos in that moment. They were going to kill me, or something a lot worse than that which I couldn't think of anything worse. I think even Percy picked that up to.

"Do not Thalia. We must fight them." Zoe said. That's when Luke let my arm go for a moment to wave his hand and a fire appeared. I stared at it.

"Thalia no." I said quickly. I saw a glow come from behind us and I knew what it was. I swallowed as Luke grabbed me again.

"We will raise Mount Othrys right here. Once more, it will be stronger and greater than Olympus. Look, Thalia. We are not weak." Luke said. He then let me go again and I stepped away from him out of arms reach as he pointed to the ocean. I saw his freaking army that had been on the boat heading up towards us. Oh, shit we were screwed if we couldn't get out of here by then.

"This is only a taste of what is to come. Soon we will be ready to storm Camp Half-Blood. And then Olympus. All we need is your help." He said.

"What about Cassi? She's already on your side use her." Thalia snapped. Luke glanced over at me as our eyes met and I knew that he knew.

"She has another purpose." He said quietly. Thalia paused for a moment and then shook her head.

"You aren't Luke. I don't know you anymore....you're asking me to do this. You hit Cassi and treat her like a rag doll. I don't know who you are anymore." Thalia said. I smiled at her.

"Yes you do Thalia. I'm doing that to protect her. She needs to learn her place. Please don't make meā€¦don't make him destroy you." Luke pleased. I saw Annabeth nod to Percy before he looked at Thalia and Zoe before meeting my eyes. I nodded subtly.

"Now." Percy said. They charged at us and I ran to Annabeth, pushing Luke away from her and towards Thalia. Luke glared at me, hurt evident in his eyes again before looking at Thalia. I watched as Thalia and Luke met head on and Percy went after Atlas. He was being stupid now. He called me stupid for doing stupid things! That was nothing compared to what he was doing right now. My little brother, the moron. I saw Annabeth freaking out, struggling against her bindings.

"Relax I got you. And I have your dagger." I said. She nodded as I undid her gag.

"Hurry!" She said. I carefully cut her hands free from the chains and helped her stand. I looked up to see Percy on his back, weaponless, as Atlas approached him. I was about to go after them when I saw Percy take the weight of the sky on. He was asking to kill himself tonight, wasn't he? I ran at them and slashed as Atlas's back. He pushed me away with a swat of his javelin.

"You still are a traitor. Kronos thought you hadn't changed your mind." He said turning on me not paying attention to Artemis who had gotten free. That's when Artemis hit him and he turned his attention towards her. I ran over to Percy.

"Hey champ how you doing?" I asked. He glared at me from the weight and I couldn't think of anything to help him besides you know trying to help take the weight to from him or at least trying to help me. I glanced back to see Atlas and Artemis fighting. That's when Artemis caught my eye.

move out of the way. I have a plan. She spoke to me in my head. I nodded and moved out of the way and gave her a wide berth as Atlas made a huge crack into the ground. She jumped over it and ran toward us with him behind her. I watched as he knocked her legs out from underneath her, Zoe get knocked out of the way as she shot an arrow at his forehead lodging it there. But as Atlas went to stab Artemis she grabbed the shaft of the javelin and managed to propel Atlas over her with some trick. Then when he slammed back down into the earth it was right where Percy was and they traded spots. Percy tumbled back and Atlas took his spot as the holder of the sky again. I ran to Percy grabbing him. I pulled him up carefully.

"Thalia...Luke." He muttered. I glanced over to see them both back up against the cliff side fighting. After a minute Thalia disarmed Luke and put the spear tip to his throat. There was silence and my lips parted. His eyes darted to mine as my eyes filled with tears. He glanced towards Thalia.

"Well?" He asked.

"Don't kill him!" I screamed, but I wasn't the only one who screamed it to. Annabeth who standing there watching the fight.

"He's a traitor! A traitor!" Thalia yelled. Percy pushed me away letting me know he was alright. I got up and ran over to them.

"He has information Thalia about all this. He could be useful." Annabeth said. She was pleading for his life like I had done before.

"Is that what you want, Thalia? To go back to Olympus in triumph? To please your dad?" Luke sneered. I read his body language the moment she hesitated and I jumped forward.

"Luke don't!" I cried as Annabeth grabbed me. He lunged for her spear and she kicked at him knocking him off balance sending him off the side of the cliff. I screamed as I watched him fall backwards off the side. His eyes were wide and full of terror and he looked at me. My knees gave slightly.

"Luke!" Annabeth screamed. We all ran to the side of the cliff to see a fifty foot drop below with Luke's body on the edge. He wasn't moving and his eyes were just staring blankly into space. I screamed and the earth shook. I fell to my knees sobbing putting my head into my hands.

"No!" I said as Percy started to pull me away as arrows and javelins started to fly through the air. Everything to seem to go in a daze after that because Percy had pulled me away from the edge only for me to be pulled into Artemis's sleigh. I had only been in it one other time and that was when she was delivering back to camp after I wanted to leave the hunters...because of Luke. With that thought brought on a whole another wave of fresh tears. We landed in a field and somehow Annabeth was reunited with her dad. I must've blacked out then or was too dazed by what happened to realize he had come to our aid somehow.

I walked over to Artemis who was with Zoe and Thalia. Zoe was dying and everyone knew it. I didn't even think Artemis could save her either which was the worst thing. She caught my eye and nodded at me. I knew that was her way of saying sorry for all the things that had happened between us. She started to apologize to Thalia and Percy for everything.

"Stars, I can see the stars again, my lady." Zoe said. Apparently on the way up she had been bitten by the dragon who guarded the tree of apples of immortality. The bite was poison and we didn't have any nectar or ambrosia to help. I felt bad. It's not like I hated Zoe to the core but now that she was dying I felt worse. She had just been doing what she believed was right and I guess picking fights with me on turning my back on Artemis and the Hunters was ethical in her head.

"Yes, my brave one. They are beautiful tonight." Artemis agreed as she held Zoe.

"Stars." Zoe muttered before her breathing stopped. I sighed and shook my head putting my hand to my mouth. I never expected Zoe to die. She was always so strong and brave. I had looked up to her in the Hunters and I wanted to be like her when I got older, until everything fell apart. I watched as Artemis cupped her hand over Zoe's mouth as she muttered in ancient Greek. A thing of silver smoke came out of Zoe's mouth, which Artemis caught in her hand before Zoe's body disappeared. Artemis stood and said something before breathing into her hand and then threw her hand up to the sky. It flew up into the heavens and I watched the sky before seeing the constellation form. Zoe was now among the stars.


Hey guys! I know this is long overdue. Don't kill me lol. But here it is and i'm working on the next one as we speak!



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