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Sea Princess

Chapter 25

I sighed as Artemis prepared to head up to Olympus. She was saying good-bye to everyone and saying a little to them after that. She came over to me as I stared at the sky, looking up at Zoe's constellation. She sighed and glanced down at me. I knew there was going to be little heart to heart moment with me since I was once a fellow Hunter. I swear sometimes she still wanted me to rejoin the hunt.

"You were being reckless." She commented to me. I nodded knowing I was going to get reprimanded by her sooner or later for going with Luke to try to help everyone out. I never said I had smart ideas sometimes but they seemed logical at the time.

"I thought...I thought I could help him." I whispered. She stood there for a moment not saying anything before looking down at me.

"You helped him to a degree. He did not give up in love Cassi and never to stop fighting. I may not be Aphrodite but I could see that he did love you. You taught him what love was and to never give up fighting for what you believed in. That’s why he always fought for you. He was a strong willed individual on the wrong path. Something that was decided long ago." She muttered as she put a hand on my shoulder. I glanced up at her confused. What did she mean it was decided long ago that he was on the path of evil. I thought it was right before Percy came to camp when that started to happen.

"My lady?" I asked confused.

"Do not worry child, but I must leave now to make it to Olympus in time. Good bye." She murmured. I nodded and watched as she got back into her chariot before disappearing in a silver light. I sighed and walked over to where the crowd of people were. Percy looked at me as I wiped a stray tear away from my eye. That's when four Pegasus land right in front of us. I blinked confused.

"Blackjack." I smiled.

yo bosses! You guys managed to stay alive without me! He said. I shook my head, rolling my eyes as I did so.

"It was rough." Percy said. I chuckled and sighed.

I brought Guido, Porkpie, and Diamond with me. Blackjack said. I nodded as I walked over to Diamond. She was my Pegasus back at camp. She had a white diamond shaped spot right in the center of her head, thus how she got her name. She would only let me ride her.

Any of these goons you want us to stampede? Blackjack asked.

"Nah," Percy and I said together. I chuckled and Diamond nuzzled my face.

You okay Cassi? You seem upset. She murmured. I nodded and tucked my face into the side of her neck as I ran my hand up and down the side of her muzzle.

"Yeah, I'll tell you about it when we back to camp." I said. She whinnied and nodded.

"They're friends. We need to get to Olympus and fast." Percy said to them. I nodded and climbed onto the back of Diamond carefully. I steadied myself carefully as Dr. Chase, Annabeth's dad, who apparently saved us with a bi-plane and celestial bronze bullets after...after Luke fell. My hand shook slightly and I clenched them together in an attempt to get them to stop. After an awkward and heavy heart filled good bye Annabeth, Percy, Thalia, and I were on our way back to Olympus.

We were halfway home when Thalia fell asleep in midflight. I sighed and just looked down at the dark ground beneath us. I heard Percy and Annabeth talking about her dad before changing the subject to Luke. She didn't believe he was dead. I saw Percy glance over at me and I saw his shoulders slump. I knew for my sake he wanted Luke dead. He didn't want to have to worry about me being stupid and running into stupid, dangerous situations with him anymore. I stopped listening because I was going to play stupid. I swallowed as New York came into view.

"There is it. It's started." Thalia said. I glanced over to see her sitting up and pointing above the Empire State building where Olympus was stationed. This was going to be my first time in Olympus.

"What's started?" Percy asked.

"The winter solstice. The Council of the Gods." Thalia said. I nodded and sighed as we flew towards, what was going to be our impending death.

We were set down in a courtyard outside the palace. I got the chills. We were right in front of the silver gates letting us in and I sighed as they swung open. They all hesitated for a moment while I walked through them. I wanted to get this over with and go back to camp and freaking sleep. I was in the front of the three when we got to the throne room and I felt insignificantly small. Okay, maybe the one who was already 16 should not be in front. I moved so that I was beside Percy who glanced at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Welcome Heroes." Artemis said as I looked at all the gods in front of us. I saw dad and he was staring at me. That's when I heard the Ophiotaurus. It was hovering in a circle of water in the middle of the room next to a fire. Grover was here, too, kneeling at Zeus's throne.

"You made it!" Grover said. He went to run over to us but then remembered who he was in front of. He looked at Zeus for permission and he nodded.

"Go on." Zeus said. I noticed he was looking straight at Thalia. Grover trotted over to us his hooves echoing with every step he took on the marble floor.

"Percy, Bessie and I made it! But you have to convince them! They can't do it." Grover said.

"Do what?" I asked.

"Heroes." Artemis said. She slid off her throne and transformed into how she was beforehand; a tiny girl who was our height which made us feel less insignificant.

"The Council has been informed of your deeds. They know that Mount Othrys is rising in the West. They know of Atlas's attempt for freedom, and the gathering armies of Kronos. We have voted to act." She said.

"At my Lord Zeus's command my brother Apollo and I shall hunt the most powerful monsters, seeking to strike them down before they can join the Titans' cause. Lady Athena shall personally check on the other Titans to make sure they do not escape their various prisons. Lord Poseidon has been given permission to unleash his full fury on the cruise ship Princess Andromeda and send it to the bottom of the sea. And as for you, my heroes..." She said before she looked over to the gods.

"These half-bloods have done Olympus a great service. Would any here deny that?" Artemis asked.

"I gotta say these kids did okay." Apollo said and then he almost started to sing except for Hermes cut him off thank the gods.

"Um, yes first class. All in favor of not disintegrating them?" Hermes asked. I saw Demeter and Aphrodite raise their hands up.

"Wait a minute. These three are dangerous. Hell she's the most dangerous out of all of them." Ares said and then he pointed at me. I started to chew on the inside of my cheek and when Percy saw Ares staring at me he grabbed my wrist and pulled me slightly behind him as if he was going to defend me if Ares attack me out right here in Olympus.

"It'd be much safer, while we've got them here-" Ares started again.

"Ares, they are worthy heroes. We will not blast my son and daughter to bits." Poseidon said.

"Not my daughter. She has done well." Zeus said. I glanced at Thalia smiling slightly.

"I'm proud of my daughter as well. But there is a security risk here with the other three. Especially Cassandra." Athena said and my eyes widened. Oh yes, let's blow me off the map and see how my father handles that. I can imagine World War III starting right here on Olympus because they blew me, Cassandra Ann Chrysler to bits because I was already 16 and the world hadn’t gone to hell yet and they wanted to prevent it.

"Mother! How can you-" Annabeth said quickly.

"It is unfortunate that my father, Zeus, and my uncle, Poseidon, chose to break their oath not to have more children. Only Hades kept his word, a fact that I find ironic." She said and that made me want to laugh. Blake was definitely falling into the same category as me but of course I wasn't going to sell him out right now.

"As we know from the Great Prophecy, a children of the three elder gods...such as Thalia, Cassandra and Percy...are dangerous. As thickheaded as he is, Ares has a point." Athena said.

"Right! Hey, wait a minute. Who you callin'-?" Ares asked and I rolled my eyes. He had started to get up but when he did try Mr. D pulled him down with a vine.

"Oh, please Ares. Save the fighting for later." Mr. D said.

"You're one to talk, you old drunk. You seriously want to protect these brats?" Ares sneered as he ripped the vine away from his waist.

"I have no love for them. Athena, do you truly think it safest to destroy them?" Mr. D asked. No, Mr. D you were supposed to be on our side.

"I do not pass judgement. I only point out the risk. What we do, the Council must decide." Athena said and I swallowed as my stomach tightened into knots. I didn't want to die here, tonight. I hadn't even turned 21 yet and tried alcohol. I wanted to try alcohol first before I died.

"I will not have them punished. I will have them rewarded. I we destroy heroes who do us a great favor, then we are no better than the Titans. If this is Olympian justice, I will have none of that." Artemis said. Oh my god I could’ve ran up to her and hugged the living shit out of Artemis right now if we hadn’t been surrounded by the other gods.

"Calm down sis, you need to lighten up." Apollo said. No she doesn't! She might be the reason I stay alive Apollo so no she needs to be harsh right now.

"Don't call me sis! I will reward them." Artemis snapped at Apollo. Well, this was cute watching them bicker.

"Well, perhaps. But the monster at least be destroyed. We have agreement on that?" Zeus asked and I glanced at Bessie as heads nodded.

"Bessie? You want to destroy Bessie?" Percy asked confused.

"You have named the Ophiotaurus Bessie?" Dad asked. I nodded.

"Dad he's just a sea creature. A really nice sea creature. You can't destroy him." Percy said.

"Percy, the monster's power is considerable. If the Titans were to steal it, or-" Dad said but Percy cut him off.

"You can't. Controlling the prophecies never works. Isn't that true? Besides, Bess- the Ophiotaurus is innocent. Killing something like that is wrong. It's just wrong as...as Kronos eating his children, just because of something they might do. It's wrong!" Percy said. I nodded at him. I was proud of my little brother trying to get to see it from his point of view.

"And what of the risk? Kronos knows full well, if one of you were to sacrifice the beast's entrails, you would have the power to destroy us. Do you think we can let that possibility remain? You, my daughter, will turn sixteen on the morrow, just as the prophecy says and Cassandra is already sixteen. We have seen a lot since then." Zeus said.

"You have to trust them. Sir you have to trust them." Annabeth said.

"Trust a hero?" Zeus mused.

"A war hasn't started since I have turned 16 has there?" I asked. I saw a few grumble in agreeance even though I’m pretty sure none of them wanted to admit that.

"Annabeth and Cassandra are correct which is why I must first make a reward. My faithful companion, Zoe Nightshade, has passed into the stars. I must have a new lieutenant. And I intend to choose one. But first, Father Zeus, I must speak to you privately." Artemis said. We watched her walk over to Zeus and he bent down so she could whisper in her ear. That's when I heard Percy start to talk to Annabeth in hushed tones and I glanced over to them before looking up to see Artemis turning to face us again.

"I shall have a new lieutenant. If she accepts." Artemis said. I held my breath because I couldn't really see Artemis asking me to be lieutenant of the Hunters after everything.

"Thalia. Daughter of Zeus. Will you join the Hunt?" Artemis asked. I let out a huge breath that I had been holding in and Percy seemed to let out a breath he had been holding in to. I glanced over at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I will." Thalia said. My eyes widened and I glanced over at Thalia. Holy Hades, well this yet again was a surprise and shock for me.

"My daughter, consider well-" Zeus said as he went to rise from his throne.

"Father I will not turn sixteen tomorrow. I will never turn sixteen. I won't let this prophecy be mine. I stand with my sister Artemis. Kronos will never tempt me again." Thalia said. Well, I had to agree that she made a valid point. I thought back for a moment and shook my head. Kronos would fall. That's when we watched Thalia go down on one knee and she started to do the oath of the Hunters of Artemis. I remember myself citing those words back 8 years ago to Artemis and then feeling all the power that came along with being a Hunter flow through me. I smiled and shook my head.

Then after that she came over and hugged Percy. I just stared at them confused before she pulled back. I just shook my head thankful Artemis had asked her and not me. I watched as she hugged Grover and Annabeth to before coming over to me.

"I think I knew what Luke meant when he said you had another purpose." She said.

"Probably because I feel like the only clueless person who doesn't know." I muttered. She chuckled and then leveled me with her look.

"You'll think of it. I know you will." She murmured. Then she hugged me tightly.

"You and Percy will save Olympus." She whispered in my ear. I chuckled and hugged her back tightly before letting her to go stand by Artemis's side. Then they started to talk about the Ophiotaurus. Percy was arguing for the Bessie not to be destroyed because we were all staying alive thanks to Artemis and her words.

"Why should we trust you?" Hephaestus grumbled.

"Because I'm only fourteen. If this prophecy is about me, that's two more years." Percy said. I nodded.

"It kind of does point at him. I mean I'm 16 now and they haven't done anything. It's probably because I'm a girl." I said and then I thought about my words. I was a girl...holy shit I knew what Luke was going to use me for and I'm slightly mortified now. Percy glanced over at me slightly.

"Two years for Kronos to deceive you, much can change in two years, my young hero. And you could go astray anytime. You've had relations with the boy in the past." Athena said.

"Mom!" Annabeth exclaimed.

"Don't worry no one is going to be deceiving him of anything because I got my little brother's back...Luke is a thing of the past. If he wants to bring everything crumbling down he's going to have to step over my dead body." I said slinging my arm around Percy's shoulders as well as I could because at this point he was a little bit taller than I was. Percy glanced down amused as I stood on my tiptoes.

"Trust me, I won't let anyone get the better of him. I don't want the world to go to Hades." I said.

"But it's not wise to keep the animal or the boy alive...or you for that fact." Athena argued and I was about to start arguing with the goddess but Percy slapped a hand over my mouth knowing what I was about to do. I smiled up at him.

"I will not have a sea creature destroyed, if I can help it. And I can help it." Dad said as he stood up. Then he willed his trident to appear in all its glory.

"I will vouch for the boy, the girl, and the safety of the Ophiotaurus." Dad said.

"You won't take it under the sea! I won't have that kind of bargaining chip in your possession" Zeus exclaimed quickly. Oh god Zeus was one paranoid god I swear to you.

"Brother." Dad sighed. Then that's when Zeus summoned his lightning bolt and I sighed in exasperation. I didn't want to handle this little brother feud right now. I wanted to go back to my cabin and sleep.

"Fine, I will build an aquarium for the creature here. Hephaestus can help me. The creature will be safe. We shall protect it with all our powers. The boy and girl will not betray us. I vouch for this on my honor." He said.

"All in favor?" Zeus asked. All hands went up besides Ares, Mr. D, and Athena who seemed to be regarding me with the biggest glare I've received in a while and it made me very uncomfortable I can tell you that right now.

"We have a majority. So, since we are not destroying these Heroes I imagine we should honor them. Let the triumph celebration begin!" Zeus said. I looked at Percy as he took his hand off my mouth and I shook my head as we went outside. I couldn't believe they were throwing a party for us. When have the gods ever honored half-bloods like us? This was a first.

Percy separated from me to go walk around and I grabbed cup full of whatever. I took a taste to find it was full of liquor. Oh my gods yes. I sipped at it carefully knowing I had no experience and I didn't want to end up black out wasted. I saw Hermes walking towards me and he stopped in front of me. He glanced down at my drink.

"Would your father approve of you drinking?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I don't really care right now. After the day I had I need a drink." I said. He just stared at me as I drank from my cup.

"You were my sons’ girlfriend for a while weren't you?" He asked. I swallowed and nodded.

"Yeah, Luke and I dated for a while before he went...before he turned." I muttered. He nodded and looked like was about say something else.

"Do you believe he could still be saved?" He asked. I looked up at him confused but nodded.

"I believe everyone can be redeemed." I muttered. He nodded and he looked like he was about to say something else but decided against it. He nodded at me and walked away. Then that's when someone else walked over to me. I glanced up to see dad.

"Hey," I muttered.

"How are you feeling?" He asked. I shrugged.

"You know why Luke chose you now. Don't you?" He asked. I nodded.

"I was supposed...he wanted me to give him a kid. The first for the Titan cause, didn’t he?" I muttered not wanting to believe it. He nodded.

"Yes, that was your purpose. I don't disagree that Luke loved you, but you were smart in not following his decisions." He muttered.

"As much resentment I had towards you guys and you in general because of mom I wouldn't go against them. I view it as the disgruntled teenager and I'll get over it eventually." I muttered. He chuckled and ruffled my hair and I stared up at him.

"Your mother would be proud of you, you know. I'm proud of you." He said. I nodded.

"Keep yourself out of trouble and watch out for your bother, alright?" He said. I nodded and then he disappeared before my eyes and I sighed.

It was later on that night when we were all picked up and taken back to camp. It was the night before Christmas and I for one just wanted to go back to the apartment and celebrate my first Christmas with my family. I hadn't had that in so long, I was ready for a change. When we got to camp and we passed the boarder I went straight to the cabin while Grover ran off to his satyr friends. Annabeth and Percy went to go see Chiron. When I got to the cabin I saw someone sitting on the steps.

"Blake?" I chuckled. He glanced up at me and ran over to me. When got to me he lifted me up around the waist spinning me around. I chuckled and kissed him lightly when he set me down.

"You're alright." He murmured. I nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I whispered. He smiled and hugged me again tightly. We just stood there for a moment clutching at each other before a rumbled happened and I pulled back and looked up at him.

"What was that?" I asked. He shrugged and I shook my head.

"So are you heading back tonight sometime?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I don't know." I muttered. He nodded and I just hugged him tighter.

"Are you alright?" He asked. I nodded against his chest.

"Yeah, I'm good." I muttered.

"Are you positive?" He asked. I nodded.

"I swear. I'm totally fine." I said but there was something in the back of my head nagging me about something that I didn't want to deal with. It was how Hermes phrased his question about Luke being redeemed. It was like he meant he was still alive but that was impossible, wasn't it?




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