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The Plan

Chapter One: The Plan

“The new kid?” I asked Luke, “Why do you want me to ‘help’ him?”

“Because he’s bound to trust you. I mean look at you, you’re the daughter of Apollo. What has he done to gain the mistrust of you? Percy will fall right for it. Especially now that his mother is in the Underworld.” He told me.

“But we can tell he already likes Annabeth.” I argued.

“Not for long. You won’t let that happen.”

“How do you know this plan is actually going to work?” I asked, hands on my hips now.

“I’ve planned everything out. You just bring them to me now.” He said, before continuing, “Percy will be wanting to leave soon. Here’s your bag- I’ve packed everything you’ll need.” Luke told me as he handed me my golden bag.

“You owe me big time.” I huffed and before I left to find Percy, I felt Luke give me a light kiss.

“Just bring them to me before you guys leave.”

“Got it.” I told him and walked out of the Hermes cabin and went to search for Percy. I was sure Grover would be with him and when I found them, I was right. But Annabeth was there as well. They were arguing and then I heard Grover ask how to get to the Underworld. I saw Annabeth was about to speak, but beat her to it.

“I’m sure if you go to Luke, he’ll have something.” I told them, now standing near the three of them.

“That’s a great idea.” Annabeth exclaimed. “Luke would know.”

They began to walk pass me, but I stopped them from going any further. “I get to come as well.”

Percy stared at me along with Grover as Annabeth glared.

“What’s one more?” Grover asked.

Percy sighed and nodded his head. I gave a triumphant smile and led them to where Luke was. When we arrived, I didn’t pay much attention. I knew the deal. Luke was to give Percy his shield and a pair of winged shoes along with a map that showed four stones as an easy way to get out of the Underworld.

As we were leaving, Luke held me back again. “You’ll do great Morning. You always excel.”
I gave him a small smile and we shared a quick kiss (making sure Percy or anyone else wasn’t watching) before I left him and followed my group out of Half-Blood Camp.


“Can we just call a taxi to come and get us?” I asked. I was tired from all the walking and it was pitch black outside, except for the little light offered from the moon. And being Apollo’s kid, I would get tired as soon as the sun went down until it rose the next day. But being the rebel I was, I would stay up as late as I possibly could before going to bed. “I’m super tired.” Since the second time I’d asked this question, I’d been ignored. I could tell Percy was getting annoyed with me, Annabeth was already annoyed with me, and Grover was only trying to calm me down and make me stay awake. But, I decided to ask again- hoping to get a good answer this time. “I can call a taxi to come and get us and I can strike up a deal with them so we don’t have to pay in full.”

“Will you just be quiet already?” Annabeth snapped. “We’ve already told you- we can’t just waste money like that. And yes I know you’re extremely tired, do you think the rest of us aren’t as tired as you?”

I glared at her; we had never gotten along very well. “I would think seeing as your mother is the goddess of wisdom, you would know that Apollo’s children become more tired than anyone else when the sun goes down.”

“I think about this time we are all equally exhausted.”

“Well actually Annabeth, Apollo’s children are always less than one quarter awake at night.” Grover said. “I’m surprised she’s lasted this long without fainting or falling down.”

“Well, she doesn’t really have another choice or else we would have left her behind.”

“Will you two be quiet?” Percy asked, trying to keep his voice steady.

I wouldn’t have responded even if Percy hadn’t said anything. I knew Annabeth was trying to get a bad response out of me. But, I decided to remain quiet this time, until we came upon a bus stop or something- which I was so hoping for, but I figured with my luck- no such thing would happen soon.

It was just as we were nearing a clearing of trees so that the road opened up, that I first saw the bus stop. I started to run towards it, wanting to be there when the bus arrived. However, I don’t remember making it that far.


“Who’s going to carry her?” I heard a boy ask.

“Why don’t we just leave her? She can find her way back to the camp.” A female voice said, I immediately recognized it as Annabeth’s.

“Annabeth- what is your problem? Forget it- I’ll just do it.” I felt myself being lifted up and carried through something narrow. My feet kept hitting something every once in awhile, but it soon stopped and I could tell I was outside now. Still feeling weak, I didn’t move and knowing I wasn’t in any danger, I made myself comfy in whoever’s arms and tried to fall asleep again so I could regain my strength.


Hope you enjoyed! I wrote this forever ago, so I might go back and try to fix some mistakes and make it sound a bit better.


Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LOL AWESOMe twist of the movie!
Sam Hamper Sam Hamper
This is really good!!! Keep it up
Thank you so much! I'm posting the second chapter today(:
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This is really good :D
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