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Chapter Two: Regretting

I finally woke up in a worn out Ford truck. I looked around and saw that Grover was driving. No one saw that I had awakened and I closed my eyes to hear what they were talking about and what I had missed. I mean- something had to happen in order for us to get a truck.

“How come Luke didn’t tell us that we were walking into Medusa’s lair?” I heard Annabeth ask.

“Maybe he just didn’t know.” I heard Percy say. He sounded very close to me and it was almost as if I could hear the vibrations coming from him when he talked.

“I guess so. But still- a little warning would have been nice that it this wasn’t going to be easy.” She said.

I decided that I should let them know I was awake and began to stretch, until my hand hit someone in the face. I quickly opened my eyes and saw that it was Percy I had just hit.

“Oh so sorry!” I exclaimed quickly, making sure he was okay.

“It’s fine. No worries- all good.” He said to me.

“Are you sure?” I asked him.

“How are you feeling Morning?” Annabeth asked me suddenly.

“Better, much better.” I told her, smiling brightly at her. “The sun feels great! So how did we go from walking to Grover driving this truck?” I asked.

“Well, after you passed out-”

“When did I pass out?” I asked.

“As you were running to the bus sign.” Grover informed me. “You literally fell flat on your face in the middle of the road. It would have been hilarious if a car hadn’t been coming.”

“What?” I shrieked. “I was almost hit by a car?”

“You’re alive now, aren’t you?” he asked. “Percy and I got to you in time to drag you off the road. And then the bus came just a bit later. And then when the bus arrived where we wanted it to, we got one of the four pearls.”

“That’s awesome!” I exclaimed. “Was it easy to get?”

“Not at all.” Percy told me.

“Why? What happened?” I asked.

“It was this little shop it was at, with a bunch of stone statues- turns out we were in the lair of Medusa.” Annabeth told me.

I didn’t know what to say. Medusa? All three of them were lucky they made it out of there alive. “How did you…” I didn’t know how to ask my questions. How did they get the pearl? How did they defeat her? Was anyone hurt?

“Well, Percy here cut off her head and Annabeth did some amazing demigod driving.” Grover said.

“Did you keep the head?” I asked them.

“Why did both girls mention the head?” Percy wondered aloud.

“You did keep it though, right?” I asked again.

“Yes, we have it.” Annabeth informed me. “It’s in the back.”

“Oh good… so wait, what is demigod driving?” I asked. I realized the front of the truck was tight with the four of us and I was pressed against Percy’s side and the door.

“Well, seeing as we couldn’t look at Medusa’s eyes for fear of turning into stone- I closed my eyes while driving.” Annabeth informed me.

“Quite impressive.” I told her. “No one seems to have been killed or badly injured.” I joked. No one seemed to have laughed at my attempt to kid around and I instantly regretted coming with them in the first place. “So, uh, where are we heading to now?”

“Tennessee.” Grover informed me. “Home of my least favorite music.”

I gave a small smile, agreeing with Grover. For the rest of the ride I remained mostly quiet, I only talked when a question was directed towards me. I was going to tell Luke that this plan didn’t seem to be working the way he wanted it to. It started growing dark and even with the amount of sleep I had gotten; I was becoming really tired and pressed my head against the glass of the window. After a few minutes of staring out at the other cars on the road, my eyes started to close and I fell asleep.

Honk! Honk! I heard a truck laying on its horn which woke me up with a start. I jumped up at the same time as I felt someone else do the same. All I could see was a truck’s headlights and I could feel Grover swerve the car to avoid it.

“I think we need to stop somewhere!” Annabeth yelled.

“I agree with her.” I said, agreeing with her.

I looked over at Grover and saw him shake his head, “Yea, I think that’s what’s best.” And soon we were pulling into a motel to stay the night.

“I’ve got this.” I told the guys and walked up to the lady. “Hi.” I smiled. “I’d like one room with two beds for the night.” I told her.

“How old are you?” she asked me.

“Excuse me?”

“How old are you? I’m not going to let two young girls share a room with two boys who are all around the same age.”

I rolled my eyes, coming up with a good lie, “Those are my brothers and my sister.”

“I hardly doubt that.” She told me.

“Not for long.” I smirked and snapped my fingers. “How much do I owe you ma’am?”

“Don’t worry about it, you look like some kids in need of help. Here’s your room key- it should be pretty easy to find.”

“Excellent.” I smiled and walked back over to Grover, Percy and Annabeth. “We are good- I’ve got a room for us.”

“You didn’t, did you?” Annabeth asked me, her eyes narrowing towards me.

“Do what?” I asked, playing dumb and then I completely ignored her, “Come on guys- I’m really tired.”

“I think I’m going to check out the pool.” Percy said and headed towards the in ground pool.

“Peace.” I told him and went to find our room. Annabeth and Grover followed me and when we got there I inserted the key and walked in, throwing my bag on the ground. Both Grover and Annabeth followed suit, but Grover also had Medusa’s head, which we placed in the bathroom sink with some cold water and ice that we had found.

“I think I’m going to go and check on Percy.” Annabeth said and then ran out of room leaving me and Grover alone.

I jumped onto one of the beds and curled up closing my eyes. I heard Grover jump onto the other bed and turn on the T.V.

“News, new, news.” He muttered. “Wait- Gabe?” he exclaimed.

I quickly sat up and looked up at him, he looked worried and angry.

“Go get Percy.” He told me.

Not wanting to make him in a worse mood, I quickly did what he said and ran down to the pull. It was late and I didn’t want to yell when most of the people were probably sleeping.

When I got closer I saw that Percy took her hand and made some sort of wound she had gotten better. I still didn’t want to yell at them and I knew Luke was going to be mad with me. I watched as Percy got out and Annabeth handed him a towel to dry off with. They were talking- but I didn’t know about what. I figured it was something serious because they both looked like they didn’t want to be heard and the look on their faces gave it away as well. I caught a few words from Percy’s sentence and realized they were talking about their parents. I rolled my eyes, as if they were much of a parent.

“Percy and Annabeth!” I said when I was standing in front of them, “Grover wants you both so come on.” I said and held out both my hands to help them up faster.

“What is it?” Annabeth asked me.

“I don’t know, he was going through the channels and then all of a sudden he got mad.” I informed them. “I think it’s something on the news.”


“Gabe?” I asked, as I sat on the bed next to Grover watching some fat and bald guy speaking.

“Stepdad.” Percy told me.

“Oh.” No wonder why Percy hated him so much.

“This is bad.” Grover said and went into the bathroom, but he quickly came back out holding Medusa’s head and complaining. All of a sudden we heard someone scream in fear and we all looked towards the window where a cleaning lady looked horrified and ran away.

“Come on let’s go before Homeland Security shows up.” Annabeth told us.

“I’ll drive this time, seeing as I haven’t done much of anything today.” I said and grabbed my bag up from the floor, following everyone out the door.


I hope you all enjoy(:


Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LOL AWESOMe twist of the movie!
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This is really good!!! Keep it up
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