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The Sound of the River

Attack of the Metal Birds

I sat in social studies class, sort of listening. I always zone out during class. Or daydream. Either one. I guess my teacher noticed, she said, "Drea, can you name a Greek god or goddess?"
I didn't have to think much, this was my favorite chapter.
"Athena" I said confidently.
There were snickers from behind me.
My teacher nodded and continued her lecture and I went back to my daydream.
I was whipped out of it when a note got to me. I looked at Logan, my best (and only) friend, and he's writing something down. I opened the note and it said,
'Your such a nerd. Who cares about that stuff anyway? Maybe this is why you don't have any friends other than that guy with the spazzy legs.'
It said more, but I shouldn't repeat it. Logan has some sort of muscle thing in his legs. Everyone knew, but I don't know how. I turned to the people behind me, gave the sweetest smile I could manage and rip it in half, then threw it in the trash. The sad thing is that I was used to it. In my school, I got straight A's, and I guess being 'cool' is nearly failing.

Finally, class was over and I caught up with Logan.
"So, we're walking to your house right?" I asked.
"Yeah. How're things with the Witch?"
I chuckled. We'd made that nickname for my foster mom in the third grade.
"Okay, I guess. She just leaves me alone most of the time" I replied.
We're walking home, and I hear a really loud squawking from above me. I looked up, and it was like two huge pigeons. Logan noticed, and started walking faster nervously.
"It's just pigeons" I assured him. "It's New York. We've got pigeons here"
He ignored me and kept the pace up.
I heard something crash behind me, I looked back to see a metallic feather.
"What the..." I trailed off, walking towards the feather.
"No!" Logan screamed.
"What?" I ask.
I looked up again to see another falling from the pigeons. Except they didn't fall, not really. More like shot.
"Come on!" Logan screamed to me.
I ran after him, really confused.
"What's going on?" I asked. "Logan-"
I was cut off when a pigeon flew straight at me. I screamed and jumped to the side, totally lost.
"Drea!" Logan shouted. "Come on!"
I ran after him. He's a surprising good runner, though he sort of skips while he does it. I could hear the birds squawking behind me as I ran for Logan's house. Luckily, we were only a block away.

I've never been much of a runner, but when you're being chased by insane metal birds that shoot feathers, it really motivates you.

Logan and I slammed the door behind us. He lived with his dad, who's in a wheelchair. Honestly, they really didn't look anything alike. His dad had thinning brown hair, and chocolate-y (I don't know what else to call it) eyes, while Logan had dirty blonde, sort of thick hair and hazel eyes.

Right behind us, a feather shot into the door right between us.
"WHAT is going on?!" I screamed.
Joseph (Logan's dad) wheeled in from the kitchen.
"We've got to take her to the camp" Logan said.
"Woah, hang on what camp?" I asked.
"What is it?" Joseph asked.
"Stymphalian birds." Logan sighed.
"What're they?" I asked.
They didn't seem to hear.
"We've got to get to the camp. Go get the swords and shields." Then Joseph glanced at me. "Perhaps a dagger for Drea"
Logan nodded and goes to his basement.
"What is going on?" I asked.
"We don't have much time to explain, but those things out there are called Stymphalian birds. They eat...well, they eat people."
I ran my hands through my blonde hair. "I remember what they are now. We learned about them when studying Ancient Greece."

Logan poped his head out of the basement, dragging three shields, two bronze swords and a dagger. He hands me the smallest sheild and the dagger.
"What am I supposed to do with this?" I asked,
"Don't die" Logan answered, like it were obvious.
"Gee, thanks. That helps"

I actually looked at the dagger, the way it fit into my hand. I've never held one, but this one balanced perfectly. It looks clean and shiny, but from the frayed edges, I could tell it had seen many years of battle. I wrapped my hand around it a little more confidently as we prepared to fight our way to whatever the camp is.


I love the story. It seems really well written.

Rainbow Llama Rainbow Llama
I love the way you write!
Bibliophile42 Bibliophile42
keep it up (:
lovelessbird lovelessbird
Really good kept it up!!