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The Sound of the River


"Well, that's weird," I said, "but we have to figure how to get out"
I continued moving around the room until my hand caught on something.
"It's paper" I said.
I pulled at it, with no luck. Then I took out my bobby pin I had on my pocket for some reason, and was about to poke at the paper.
As soon as I held it, it grew into my dagger.
"What?" I grinned at it and stabbed the paper.
I pulled the paper away, to reveal wooden planks.
"What is it?" Ashton asked.
"I think we're in a crate"
Everyone helped me peel all the paper away, and, yes, we were in a shipping crate.
"I got this" I said, "I took karate"
I stepped back, took off my right shoe (it helped) and kicked a hole in the planks. We tore away, with several curses from splinters. Soon we had a hole just big enough to crawl through, but decided it's best to get the splinters out first, in case there was anything outside. It took about ten minutes and a couple of threats from Ashton to to take away Logan's tin cans.
We crawled outside, led by Annabeth. We all had out weapons in our hands. As soon as I stood up, I fell back down again.
I heard other grunts as they fell.
"I got it" Percy said.
A few seconds later, we stopped stumbling. I stood up. Water surrounded us, perfectly calm right around us, as if someone had put up an invisible wall. Below us was a neon orange raft.
"Where are we?" Annabeth asked.
"About five miles west of India," Percy replied almost immediately, which I figured was a son of Poseidon thing.
"We need to get there," I said, "Percy, how fast can we go?"
He shrugged, "Pretty fast. It might take...half an hour?"
I nodded and sat down.
We were sailing for probably ten minutes when it occurred to me.
"Wait. If Zeus is my dad, shouldn't Poseidon be sending, I don't know, a giant squid or something after me? We didn't even tell him I was coming or anything."
"Just the presence of the food had dulled our senses," Annabeth said, "maybe he knew that."
I frowned. I felt really stupid right now.
My thoughts were interrupted by the beat of giant wings. I looked up, and saw something that had to be a monster. It's head and wings were an eagle's, but it's body was a lion.
"It's a griffin!" Annabeth shouted over the noise.
It screeched, which was something between a roar and a squawk. We all got our weapons ready. Grover and Logan picked up their reed pipes.

The griffin swooped down so it was on our raft, which wasn't the greatest battle ground. I was just afraid it would pop it. We got in a half-circle facing it, me between Annabeth and Ashton. It screeched again, and started to attack. It scratched at me, which I just barely avoided. I slashed at it, cutting off a claw. The others closed in as I kept it busy. It tried to bite me, kick me, scratch me, but I was fast. I thought we were doing pretty good before I felt the wave.

If you've ever been surfing and all of a sudden, a wave comes and wipes you out, you've experienced about a hundredth of how this felt. The griffin flew away, and I thought it was over. Then a shadow was cast over us, and I turned just in time to see the 30-foot wave curling over us before I was submerged. The impact was enough to push the air out of my lungs. The water around me swirled, keeping me from surfacing for just a second. I knew it was a riptide.

I was never actually in one. Okay, once I was boogie boarding at the beach and it was really soft, I just had to stand up and move away. But not like this. I knew I had to swim horizontal, but I was completely disoriented. I only knew which way was up. I tried to calm myself as I felt the one way the wave was pushing at last, and swam away, breaking onto the surface. I gasped for air while coughing up water. It seemed that was the only wave, after that, it was calm waters.

I turned in circles, trying to find anyone. Finally, I screamed, "Logan!"
I heard my name in reply, which I tried to follow.
"Keep yelling!" I shouted back.
"Drea!" he yelled, "I got the raft!"
I found him scrambling his furry bottom onto the orange material.
"Where's the others?" I asked.
"I don't know," he replied.
I sighed. Then I saw the bright light coming towards us.
"You see that too, right?" I asked, pointing to it.
He nodded.
I was distracted when a thump came from below the boat. I tried to paddle to the side as fast as I could with my hands.
Percy, Annabeth and Ashton surfaced. I held out my hand to help them up. We sat there for a while, shouting for Grover. I'd forgotten about the light until it was right beside us.
"It's Apollo!" Annabeth said.
Sure enough, once the light faded, it revealed a bright red convertible. Apollo stepped out of the driver's seat.


Just a note (I may have said it before) this is after the Last Olympian and the Lost Hero.


I love the story. It seems really well written.

Rainbow Llama Rainbow Llama
I love the way you write!
Bibliophile42 Bibliophile42
keep it up (:
lovelessbird lovelessbird
Really good kept it up!!