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The Sound of the River

We Get Knock-Out Food

Looking back on it, we really should have noticed something. The buffet had all our favorite foods. Cheese enchiladas for Grover, pizza for Percy (it was blue, but seemed perfectly normal at the time), I didn't see what Annabeth had, but Logan had a fruit salad.Ashton had steak, and I had spaghetti that tasted exactly like the restaurant Logan and I would always go to.We talked lightly as we ate, but we found it hard to focus on anything but the food, which was weird. I normally couldn't focus on just one thing. At home, when I was on the computer, I would have the t.v. on.We finished the meal and my eyelids got droopy. I was suddenly exhausted, though I couldn't think of why. My thoughts got cloudy and I noticed the others looked the same. I felt like I was going to pass out and fall asleep at the same time. My breathing got lighter as my eyelids closed and I slumped forward.I heard the others fall too. It sounded like someone had tried to get up and walk but fell on the ground. Footsteps walked toward us, and I tried to open my eyes.'Just get up' I thought.But I couldn't. My mind was still awake but my body wasn't. It was getting hard to breathe."Jusst get them" A voice said.It was definetly a lady's voice, but it had a slight hissing behind it.I heard movement around me until someone picked me up and placed me on something rolling. It felt sort of like a gurney. I'd been on one when someone had sent me a 'defective' pen."You will not eat them, Mother?" Another voice said, they had a sort of French accent."No." The hissing voice replied. "I rather would, but they are needed."I heard a grunt from my near left."We mussst hurry" the hissing voice said."I am trying" The French voice said.I felt something knock my head and I blacked out.-x-I'm not sure how long I was out, but when I woke up, I could move again. I opened my eyes at first, just to see a pitch black ceiling. I sat up, ignoring the pounding in my head. I saw no visible ways out, which just made me wonder how we got in. It was a tiny room painted completely black. I saw that I was on a gurney, and there were five around me, each carrying one of my friends. I put my hand to my head to find a little dry blood, while the others' heads had to be bandaged.That was the weird thing about me. I have an extremely high pain tolerance, and I never bleed for long."Ah" I heard a grunt to the left, coming from Logan.I turned my head and he's attempting to sit up, only to lay down again."Stay still" I ordered.I walked over and took off his bandage."Eeee" I turned away."What?" He asked. "What is it?""Oh, nothing" I lied. "Just, you know...a really infected cut"He groaned.Now don't ask me how I knew. It just...looked like it. I'd always been pretty good at predicting injuries.I walked over to Annabeth's bag and took out a little cube of ambrosia. I handed it to the satyr and he ate it, almost immediately looking better.I decided I'd better look at the others heads, just to make sure. It looked like everyone was hit by a baseball bat with two spikes on the end.I gave each of them the same amount of ambrosia, until I got to Ashton. He didn't seem to have gotten hit very hard.Pretty soon after, everyone was awake and up."Percy, Annabeth" Grover whimpered. "Do you remember that voice?"Annabeth nodded, while Percy shook his head.She looked at him. "Honestly...Percy, that was Dr. Thorn""Oh..." He said. "But...what about that other one? That sounded familiar..."Grover shrugged, looking at Annabeth."No, Percy. Sorry"Percy frowned at the ground, focusing."Who's Dr. Thorn?" I asked."He's a manticore" Annabeth explained. "We met him when we were...gods, Percy, we were fourteen"He just shook his head. "It was earlier..."We started to feel around the walls for a way out while he concentrated."I got it!" He screamed. "Annabeth, it was that lady on the arch when we were looking for the bolt. Enchia?"Annabeth rolled her eyes. "You mean Echidna?""Yeah""This is weird..." Grover muttered.We all looked at him. "What?" Annabeth asked."So, there's a monster that hates you from our first quest. Then a trap on a ship like our second. Then there's Dr. Thorn from our third"


Sorry it took so long; I completely forgot to transfer this from Mibba. My laptop has to get fixed so it might take a while for the next chapter.


I love the story. It seems really well written.

Rainbow Llama Rainbow Llama
I love the way you write!
Bibliophile42 Bibliophile42
keep it up (:
lovelessbird lovelessbird
Really good kept it up!!