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The Sound of the River

The Bella Marie

"But I don't get it" I said. "I thought demigods only had one godly parent.. Besides, isn't Zeus Athena's dad?"
Annabeth nodded. "You never know what goes through a god's mind, though. Anyway, we need to figure out where to start."
Just then I noticed that we hadn't started driving yet.
"Well, the wisdom goddess is Athena." Percy said.
"No way!" I said sarcastically.
I'd told them the prophecy, except for the last line.
'one is lost to another's fun'
They all seemed suspicious, but didn't push me. I tried not to stare as Logan and Grover crunched on tin cans.
" 'The wisdom goddess on the Earth at it's height'" Logan repeated.
"It could be the highest place on Earth?" Ashton suggested.
I stared at him. "Like Mount Everest?"
I guess Argus thought that sounded good, cause he started driving.
"But that's by India" I reminded them. "We'd need to fly"
"Well we shouldn't" Grover said. "Percy"
"Oh yeah" I looked down in thought.
If we flew, Zeus might try to kill Percy with a lightning bolt or something. I guess they'd never had a... decent relationship.
"But wouldn't that mean he would have to hit all of us? I mean, he claimed me"
Percy shook his head. "Besides, where would we get the money?"
I nodded. "Right."
"I heard of a cruise ship going to India" Argus suggested.
"Wow" I said.
Logan looked at Grover. "Which do you like better, Coke or Sprite cans?"
"Coke." Grover replied. "Sprite has too much of a sour taste"
Logan nodded like he was considering that.
"Okay...so how will we get on the ship?" I asked. "I've got $60"
"I have 100" Ashton said
We all gave him some looks.
"A couple of Hermes kids might have owed me something..." He added.

The rest of the way there, we just talked. You know, normal demigod stuff like how Percy got turned into a hamster.
"So, what's your life like at home?" Annabeth asked me.
"Well, I'm a foster kid..." I frowned. "Um...it's weird. Like...the more I think about it...the less I remember"
I creased my eyebrows, trying to remember.
Logan looked guilty.
"Logan? What is it?" I asked.
"Nothing!" He said quickly.
"You're such a bad liar!"
He shook his head.
"We're here" Argus announced.

We piled out of the white van onto a pier. Sailboats were docked everywhere, along with a couple cruise ships.
"Extra tickets for the Bella Marie to India! $25 per ticket!" Someone shouted.
We all looked at each other.
"Sounds good" Ashton said.
"I don't know..." Annabeth warned. "It seems too perfect."
I nodded. "Sort of"
"Relax, ladies" Ashton slung an arm around both our necks. "Uncle Ashton will protect you"

Annabeth and I sidestepped, throwing off his balance and he fell to the ground.
"Yeah, I feel real safe" I remarked.
Ashton stood up with a stupid grin on his face. "Yeah, well-"
"Let's go" Grover said. "I smell enchiladas"
We made our way to the ticket seller and handed him our money. He gave us our tickets and we boarded the ship.

It was pretty awesome. Annabeth seemed just as amazed as I was.
"What is it?" Ashton asked.
"No idea" Percy agreed.
Annabeth and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes.
"It's a Titanic replica, Seaweed Brain" Annabeth said.
That's when I understood that.
We walked around as the Bella Marie set sail. We didn't find many people, but I figured hardly anyone would want to ride the Titanic.

"Do you hear that?" Grover asked Logan.
"Sort of...breathing?" Logan replied.
Grover whimpered. "Oh, good. I thought it was just me."

We figured it was just the engines and found a shop and a pool. We bought some swimsuits, changed into them, and jumped into the pool with an inflatable beach ball. It hadn't even occurred that I was pretty sure the Titanic didn't have a pool.
We stayed there until sunset, which I was surprised at. It hadn't felt that long.
"I'm starving" Ashton said.
We all murmured in agreement then changed back into our orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirts.
"I saw a buffet sign. It's like $2 a person." Logan said.
"Well, I've got 10" I said. "We need two more"
Ashton looked under a table and came back with a $2 bill.

None of us found anything suspicious.


I love the story. It seems really well written.

Rainbow Llama Rainbow Llama
I love the way you write!
Bibliophile42 Bibliophile42
keep it up (:
lovelessbird lovelessbird
Really good kept it up!!