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The Sound of the River

I get a Prophecy

Okay, I know I was pretty new at the whole demigod/half-blood thing. But I was pretty sure being a half-blood meant being half human half god.
Chiron stepped towards me. "You should consult the Oracle"
Meanwhile, Thalia kept staring at me, muttering stuff.
Chiron lead me to the Big House. "She's in the guest room"
I stepped into the hallway and into the guest room. (Don't ask me how I knew, I don't even know)

A redheaded girl was there, reading in a chair. She looked up when I came in.
"Um...hi" I said. "Chiron told me to talk to the Oracle?"
She nodded. "Ask a question"
I had to think. "I just got claimed by two gods. What's going to happen?"
The girl slumped forward, and I started to panic. Before I could react, she speaks in a voice that sounds like multiple. Like...sort of like an evil wizard or something in a movie.

"the goddess of wisdom on the Earth at it's height,
a maiden goddess trapped in the barrier, lost without sight.
The sound of the river runs through the land of snow,
never to show to those who know
six half-bloods on the run,
one is lost to another's fun."

The redheaded girl sits back up and blinks. I must have looked pretty weird, cause she apologized.
"Don't be sorry" I told her. "Erm...thanks"
She gave me a little wave as I walked out.
"What did she tell you?" Chiron asked.
I repeated the prophecy to him.
"Well," He looked like he was thinking pretty hard. "You need to get some people together"
He told me I needed to take Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, but wouldn't tell me why.
"An old prophecy makes sense now" Was all he said.
I was able to take 2 friends with me. I chose Logan and Ashton. Logan cause we'd always done everything together, and Ashton, well...we already had two Athena kids.

Thalia ran up to me right before we left. Apparently, she's a Hunter of Artemis. The rest are staying at Camp Half-blood
"I heard you were already claimed. But then you got claimed again" She said. "How?"
"I don't know" I replied. "I just....I don't know"

We packed our bags with some nectar and ambrosia (for emergencies only), sort of godly medicine. I packed some extra clothes, my plastic cup (don't ask why), and I noticed Ashton packed one too. I looked into my wallet and found $60, Annabeth brought some golden drachmas, the currency of the gods.
I said goodbye to my friends and Argus, who had eyes all over his body, drove Logan, Ashton, Annabeth, Percy, and me to where we would start the quest.
"So, think" Annabeth told me in the car. "Has anything happened with the wind, or lightning, or anything with spiders?"
"Well, spiders have pretty much always bit me. Then one time I was riding my bike...I was falling cause the sidewalk was uneven. I jumped off and knew I was gonna fall and hurt my arm, which was healing from a broken bone, but I felt sort of like the wind helped me stay straight up and land on my feet, like when I fell off the rock wall... Oh! I had a soccer practice once and it was raining, but we still had to practice and I really didn't want to, then lightning came so we got to go home"


I love the story. It seems really well written.

Rainbow Llama Rainbow Llama
I love the way you write!
Bibliophile42 Bibliophile42
keep it up (:
lovelessbird lovelessbird
Really good kept it up!!