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The Sound of the River

The Climbing Wall

It was pretty weird the next couple of minutes. The Athena campers picked me up, which to be honest, I was a little self-conscious about. I was really freaked out they would say stuff about my weight, but that didn't happen. They carried me to the cabin. Chiron followed looking worried, probably because I'd almost gotten killed by a giant spider, but the campers didn't seem bothered.
Annabeth was the head of Athena cabin, so she welcomed me and found me my bunk.
"Annabeth?" I asked. "I thought monsters weren't able to get in the camp"
Her smile dropped. "They aren't. Someone would need to give it permission"
The next week was pretty awesome. The rock wall turned out to have lava and falling rocks; I'd managed to not fall and hardly get burnt by the end of the week! I took pegasus riding lessons and cheered on Annabeth and Percy as they raced in the chariot races. I met Aubrey, Neveah, and Liam from the Athena cabin, also Ashton from Apollo.
Friday was nice and warm. Aubrey and I played volleyball while Neveah was attempting to teach Liam how to use a bow.
"So it goes like this...?" He asked her, holding it completely backwards.
Neveah just rolled her eyes and fixed it. "Now put the arrow on it..."
Our game ended and Aubrey went to the lake to go canoeing. Did I mention Percy and Annabeth won the chariot races? Our cabins split the no chores reward.

I walked back to the cabin. Surprisingly, no one was there. I pulled my backpack from under my bunk and pulled out my plastic Starbucks cup. I put it faced down on the floor and sat cross-legged. I tapped on it and started singing softly;
"I got my ticket for the long way 'round. Two bottles of whiskey for the way, and I sure could use some sweet company. I'm leaving tomorrow what do you say? When I'm gone, when I'm gone. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone you're gonna miss me by my hair, you're gonna miss me everywhere, oh, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone"
"Pretty good" a voice said from behind me.
I screamed and turned around to see Ashton standing there with a Yankees cap in his hand.
"Gods, Ashton. You scared me to death" I slapped him.
"Where'd you learn that?" He asked me.
"Oh, it's from my favorite movie. Actually, my foster parent's daughter auditioned for it. She'd made me learn it so she could compare it to herself before she auditioned. It grew on me, I guess"
He grinned.
"Where'd you get that anyway?" I pointed to the hat.
He put it on, and vanished. "Annabeth's busy with something and made me spy on the Stoll brothers. She thought they were doing something"
He took it off and reappeared.
"why you?"
"First person she saw"
Ashton made me teach him the cup song.
Saturday I went on the rock wall again. I was determined to not get burnt. I harnessed myself in and started climbing. I got halfway up when it shook. The rope keeping me from falling broke. I was sure I was going to break something, I was so high up. But I felt the wind bend around me. It set me upright and slowed down my fall, so I landed on my feet. I gasped, my eyes wide. I must have attracted a lot of attention, because there was a small crowd around me. Everyone was muttering to eachother.
"Let me see!" A girl pushes to the front in a sort of punk outfit with spiky black hair.
"Thalia!" Chiron called. I guess she was talking to him when I fell or something.
The girl named Thalia gasps as everyone kneels down reluctantly, muttering stuff like,
"There's got to be a mistake"
I look up and a lightning bolt is above my head.


So Drea just got claimed by Athena AND Zeus!!


I love the story. It seems really well written.

Rainbow Llama Rainbow Llama
I love the way you write!
Bibliophile42 Bibliophile42
keep it up (:
lovelessbird lovelessbird
Really good kept it up!!