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The Sound of the River

Capture the Flag

Cabin 11 was teamed with Athena, Poseidon, Zeus, and Apollo. Ares was with, Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Hephaestus and any other cabins with campers. Apparently, the Ares campers were really good (no kidding. Ares is the god of war), but the Aphrodite kids mostly just stood around, checking their reflections in the creek. Dionysus only had a couple kids, and Hephaestus and was about normal. We were the blue team, our flag had an owl on it for the Athena cabin, who was basically the leading cabin for this. The other had a boar's head, for Ares cabin.
"Heroes!" Chiron called. "You know the rules! The creek is the boundary line! No killing or maiming, if so, no dessert for a week! The entire forest is fair game! Guards can't stand withing ten yards of the flag!I will serve as referee and medic"
A girl named Annabeth from Athena called everyone around.
"Okay, so we put the flag over there" She pointed to a clearing in the forest. "We'll have three guards. Connor, Brooklyn, and Travis. Then for getting the flag we'll have me, Thaila and-"
A guy I saw in Poseidon's cabin asked, "And me, right?"
She gave him a smile. "No, Seaweed Brain" (Which I guessed was her nickname for him) "You're needed for border patrol with Drea"
He groaned, then saw my expression. His sea-green eyes went wide. "Oh! No! I mean-one time-it's..."He sighed, giving up.
I don't know if it was appropriate, but I giggled at that. That seemed like something I would say.
Chiron clopped his way over to us.
"Drea, I heard you liked this dagger" He handed it to me.
I noticed an engraving on the shiny bronze. 'για πάντα'
"Forever" I muttered.
Then I realized I said it out loud. My face felt hot again. I finger-combed my hair in front of my face in case I was blushing, like I did in school so much. I silently put on my armor with the help of Brooklyn. My helmet fell right above my eyes and my chestplate weighed me down.
"Ugh" I groaned.
A couple people chuckled.
Annabeth set up the flag so it stuck out right between some rocks; it seemed like it would be hard to get out. Then (I found out his name was Percy) told me about border patrol.
"It's really easy" He said. "Just walk on our side of the creek and try and keep the other team out."
Chiron blew the horn, signaling the game was about to start.
"You go that way, I'll go this way" He pointed down the creek, then took off running.
I gripped my dagger, my palms getting sweaty the way they did when I was nervous. Something wasn't right. I walked for what seemed like forever, to the end of the forest and back, without hearing or seeing anyone. Or anything.
Then, as I neared the edge of the forest, I hear a sort of clicking noise. I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew that noise too well. But it was way too loud. It couldn't...
The leaves russled to my left. I raised my dagger, but something shot out of the forest, pinning my arm down and dragging the rest of me with it. I slammed onto my back, looking at the silky material on my arm. I tugged at it, but the same thing pinned my feet and other arm down, too. I screamed for help. I knew what it was.
More rustling came, and I panicked. But just Percy and Annabeth came. Then a huge spider jumped out of the trees.
Looking back on it, it seems like a game of Pokemon.
'A huge wild spider appeared!'
'Drea and Annabeth use 'scream'!'
Annabeth was about as freaked out as me. She sprinted away, saying something about help. Meanwhile, the spider advanced on me. Percy slashed at it, but the spider's legs blocked the blade. I struggled to get free, but it didn't work.
"Wet it!" I screamed at him. "Wet the silk! Then slash at it!"
Next thing I know, I'm drenched in water and my limbs are free. Chiron comes galloping towards us, and I ran behind a tree. I'm absolutely terrified of spiders. Chiron and some other campers drew bows and arrows, while some drew swords and daggers. All the arrows flew at once, eight got deflected by the legs, but the rest pierced the spider, and it dissolved into ashes with more snapping sounds. Some campers gasped, others just stared at me. No, not at me, above me...
A shiny owl had appeared over my head.
"Drea" Annabeth said. "Your mom's Athena"


I love the story. It seems really well written.

Rainbow Llama Rainbow Llama
I love the way you write!
Bibliophile42 Bibliophile42
keep it up (:
lovelessbird lovelessbird
Really good kept it up!!