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Harry Styles... My brother (Percy Jackson and 1D fanfic)

One Direction


'Catch me if you ca-an!' I sang as I ran on the streets of London. 'Oh, wait and see.' Leo said mischievously behind me as he tried to catch me.

As I zipped through the crowd, I turned to see if Leo was there, but I didn't see him, guess he got lost in the crowd. I looked ahead again, not stopping, when I bumped into someone and fell down. 'Ow..' I muttered. 'Oh Shit! I'm so sorry!' I heard someone's panicked voice. 'Why does that voice sound so familiar?' I thought. I looked up and gasped. Standing in front of me was ONE DIRECTION!

'Aha! Cau- uhhh....Kat? Why are you sitting on the ground?'

With my eyes wide open, I looked up behind me and saw Leo with a confused look. When he saw me, I figured my expression was quite funny since he started laughing till he couldn't breathe.

'Aww...' he mocked and fake pouted. 'Shut up mocking-jay ' I said getting up and pointed behind me. When he saw whom I was pointing at, he said 'Oh, I see.' They stared at each other for a second, then Leo said grinning, 'I hope my friend here-' he pointing at me, '-didn't cause any trouble to you.' 'Leo!' I protested. To my surprise, One Direction just laughed. 'No, no, she fell because of me!' Harry said.

'Why do I feel as tough theres some connection between us?' I thought. Probably because my name is Kat Styles? Wow! me being his sister would totally rock!

'Anyways, were you'll running-' I looked behind them and saw about a bazillion girls running towards us screaming, 'I LOVE YOU!' 'LOVE YOUR CURLS HARRY!' 'I WANNA HUG YOU!' and much more crap. '-yup, fans' I said grinning.

Louis snorted, 'Not that we wanted them to be here.' I laughed. 'Oh, come on, follow me, I'll take you to a good hiding place.' 'oh, good, anyways, I'm feeling really hungry!' Niall said. The boys rolled their eyes and I grinned. I looked behind at Leo and mouthed 'The A.H.' He grinned and nodded.

'Come on.' I waved at them, turned on my heels and started running. From the sound of feet shuffling behind me, I knew they were following me.

I ran down the footpath and crossed the road. Cars honked, but I just waved them off. I ran into a narrow lane which was fortunately empty. 'How far is it, Kat?' Zayn huffed. 'A few more minutes!' I yelled back. After turning around the corner of a abandoned building, I stopped. Everyone else also stopped, panting, and by the looks on their faces, quite happy about it.

'Okay, we have to climb that' I said pointing to the ladder starting a foot above the ground and reaching the top on the terrace.

'O-o-okay' they said slowly and I smirked.

I started climbing the ladder, and the others followed. When we reached the top, there nothing but a trap door. 'Okay guys, it will be quite a jump now.' I said, winking at Leo indicating it was time for some fun.

'What do you mean by that?' Liam asked. I walked towards the trap door and opened it. We all peered inside. 'S-so you want us to jump inside?' Louis asked bewildered. 'If you want to' I said trying to maintain a straight face. 'But its above 10 feet high!' Harry said. Somehow I knew he was joking, but it was funny. I couldn't help it so I started laughing. I went forward and sat on my knees. I bent down and pulled pout a ladder that was attached to the ceiling. 'If you want to jump, you could Lou, or else just climb down the ladder.' I said smirking at the looks on their faces.

'Wonderful...' Niall muttered and started forward. After some time, we heard a loud 'THUD'u and heard Niall say 'cool!' One by one everyone went in. Zayn had just gone in and only Leo and I were left. 'Wow! Those girls are crazy! I can hear them till here!' Leo exclaimed. I chucked, 'YuP-!' I said popping the 'p', '-but don't you think its weird that there are no monster attacks yet?' 'Yeah, thats weird, but shouldn't that be good?' 'Ya, they probably got scared of those girls! Come on, lets go in.' I said going in. Leo followed me closing the trap door.

When I was at the end of the ladder, I jumped and landed on the stage. 'Welcome to 'The Abandoned Hall'!' I said to the boys. 'Y-you mean know one uses this hall?!' Louis stammered. 'Um..no, it was abandoned years ago.' I said. 'How come we've never heard of it?' Liam asked. 'Harry shrugged 'dunno'.


You are welcome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

@Son of Chaos
Haha, thanks.

Soumya Soumya

Don't listen to that doosh this story is awseome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

Fuck you man I've seen way worse writing and quite frankly I think this is good and I hate 1D

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

First look at yourself, then judge others. THANK YOU.

Soumya Soumya