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Harry Styles... My brother (Percy Jackson and 1D fanfic)

The Abandoned Hall

Harry POV

'How come we've never heard of it?' Liam asked. I shrugged. 'Dunno' I said. I actually didn't care. I was thinking about Kat. She looked familiar. Being near her... I don't know... I got a feeling she is someone important.

She reminded me of Katherine. Katherine Styles. Yup, my sister. We used to call her Kat. She disappeared when she was 2. We searched and searched but never found her. I remember that night clearly.

Everyone was sleeping, everything was peaceful, when suddenly we heard a crash and a baby crying. Kat crying.

We all rushed down, but we were late. But I do remember seeing the kidnapper from behind. He was a big bulky dude with...horns? but I was so freaked out I couldn't move. I had a feeling the kidnapper wasn't human...but how the hell is that possible?

'Harry, Harry..HARRY..!' I heard a voice calling me from a distance. Then something cold, very cold and wet crashed on me.
I yelped and came back to my senses.
Kat had a bottle in her hand and everyone was laughing their arses off.

'Looks like someone was day dreaming!' Kat teased. 'U-u-uh w-what?' I said. Instead of answering, they just started laughing again.

'Uhh...Kat what is you last name?' I found myself asking her. 'What the hell?' I thought.'Now I will have to tell everybody' I mean not that I don't trust them and all, but I never told that to anybody.

'Umm...Styles' She said blushing a bit. I widened my eyes. I decided I would talk to her about it later, so out loud I said, 'Ohhkay...' 'Found you long lost sister, Haz?' Zayn smirked. 'Probably' I smirked back.

I sat down on one one knee in front of Kat, and held out my hand, 'Will you be my "long lost sister" Kat?' Grinning Kat took my hand and said ' Of Cource brother!' I stood up and bowed. 'Thank you.' I grinned. Everyone started laughing.

'So, would you mind doing your sister a favor?' She asked. I chuckled, 'Sure, why not?' 'Um.. why don't you'll sing....Live while we're young for us?!' She grinned. 'Keeping a track of our song eh?' Louis said. 'Of Cource! What do you expect?' She laughed.

'COME ON, RACE TO THE STAGE!!' Louis yelled. We all ran towards the stage trying to get first, and guess who won? Yup..! Daddy Direction..!
'N-NO! L-L-I-I-Y-U-M!! YOU CANNOT DO THAT TO ME!!" Louis screamed fake crying on my shoulders. I patted his back, and before I could say anything, Niall yelled, 'Hey Guys! Look at the Guitars in here!'


You are welcome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

@Son of Chaos
Haha, thanks.

Soumya Soumya

Don't listen to that doosh this story is awseome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

Fuck you man I've seen way worse writing and quite frankly I think this is good and I hate 1D

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

First look at yourself, then judge others. THANK YOU.

Soumya Soumya