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Harry Styles... My brother (Percy Jackson and 1D fanfic)


We've been here one week, and it's really good AWESOME here ! During Campfire, on the day we reached, the lads got claimed. Louis is the son of Hermes, Liam is the son of Athena, Zayn is the son of Hades, Niall is the son of Apollo and me, as you already know, I am the son of Poseidon ! It is amazing here. Louis is easily one of the oldest demigods. I mean, from what I've heard demigods' life span isn't a lot, unless they are lucky. Also, I found out that Charles Becondorf, the guy I knew from school, was a demigod, but unfortunately, during the Titan war, he died.

I found out that I'm not very bad at sword fighting myself. Kat and Percy are really good too (though Kat always says that she prefers Archery, and Kat and Percy always start arguing about whether archery is better or sword fighting, cause from what I have heard, Percy sucks at archery)

I was going to the arena to practice sword fighting, when suddenly SNAP !! SPLASH !! and I was covered with wet mud, with the bucket rolling beside me. I stood there, shocked. Then, I heard laughter. I turned behind and saw the Stoll brothers and Louis, all sprawled on the floor, laughing. 'LOUIS ! CONNOR ! TRAVIS !' I yelled angrily. They stopped laughing for a brief moment, before cracking up again.

My mouth stretched into a wide, mischievous smile. I snapped my fingers, and then, the three pranksters, were drenched, coughing up water. Then I heard someone else laughing, and I saw Katie Gardner, walking towards us with a wide grin etched on her face. 'Nice' She said.

'Thanks' I said, grinning, as I high five-ed her. 'Harry, dude, not fair !' Connor, or wait... is that Travis ? No, he's taller, so he'll be Travis... YES!
'Yes !' Connor continued. 'You can't go using your powers to prank us !' Louis joined them by saying, all teary eyed, 'Yes Harry ! And, you pranked me? ME? How could you ?' I grinned, and said 'Sorry, Lou. Revenge' 'HAHA, Harry, you're so funny' Louis said sarcastically. 'Why, thank you, Louis' I said, with formality.


First Chapter done !! Sorry for not updating for so long ! And I'm sorry for such a short chapter... but I'll try to update as soon as possible ! Enjoy !


You are welcome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

@Son of Chaos
Haha, thanks.

Soumya Soumya

Don't listen to that doosh this story is awseome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

Fuck you man I've seen way worse writing and quite frankly I think this is good and I hate 1D

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

First look at yourself, then judge others. THANK YOU.

Soumya Soumya