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Harry Styles... My brother (Percy Jackson and 1D fanfic)


So, its been about 2 months since One Direction were claimed, and came to Camp Half-Blood, and that I came to know that I have a brother for real- Harry Styles. I'm lovin' it! And, the best thing is that since the war with Gaia was over, the monster invasions and etc. reduced!
Anyways, since today is Friday, we have Capture the Flag. Zeus, Demeter, Athena, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Hypnos and Hecate were in the Red team, and the rest, that is Poseidon, Ares, Apollo, Hepheastus, Hermes, Iris and Hades were in the blue team. The Ares cabin weren't too happy with Percy being in their team, but with his whole "defeater of Kronos and Gaia" title, they agreed. I can't believe they still hold the grudge!
Harry was playing defence, along with Zayn, since it was kinda early for them for single combat, and since they like big and all, they would be useful for defence. One more reason was that, only two living demigods could guard the guards, but since Zayn was the son of Hades, he could summon Skeletons, who help them in the defending the flag. Leo, Percy and I were the one's who were gonna go to the enemy's side openly, well, as openly as you can get, which playing Capture the Flag. Louis and Travis and Connor and some of their brethren were gonna use their pranking abilities to set some traps, and Leo had built a magic detector, which could detect any magic done by Lou Ellen, 'cause you do NOT wanna know what happened the last time she had done magic. Good thing she's not a prankster, otherwise the Camp would surely be in ruins!
We took our places, and Chiron blew the horn. I quickly darted off over to the other side. I went over to the left, with Leo at my heels. Percy went to the right. He warned us to be careful about the children of Athena, remembering his time with Annabeth, Silena and Becondorf when they encountered Myrmedes.
*Skip to after dinner, cause I'm just too lazy to write*
Harry POV
I bid Percy and Kat goodnight and Percy called lights out. I closed my eyes and almost immediately fell asleep.
That night I had a dream in which 4 children- a blond boy who looked about 14, a girl with black spiky hair, who looked the same age as the boy, a young blond girl, who looked about 7-8 and reminded me a lot of Annabeth, and a satyr, who looked about the blone boy's age.
They were running, along the hill. Then, the spiky haired girl stopped, said something to her friends, and went to fight the monster that was following them. But, instead of her killing the monster, the monster striked, and the girl fell.
After that what happened, I don't know, because everything started spinning, and came the picture of them again, only the satyr wasn't there.
They were in someone's house and the boy was arguing with a man, who I think is Hermes.
The spiky haired girl and the young blond girl - whom I'm gonna call Annabeth- were sitting on the couch, with some crazy looking women with them.
Annabeth picked up a burnt cookie, and with "Oh My God, Can we leave?" expression, looked at Luke, who looked really pissed.
Then, again everything was a blur, again, and I woke up, sweating.
Percy and Kat were standing by my bed. Kat, kneeling by my bed, with a worried expression on her face.
'You okay, Harry?' She asked.
I noticed that I was sweating profusely.
'What happened?' I asked, uncertainly.
'You were moving around a lot, man. And, well what was the nightmare about?' Percy said.
'Um.. well, ' I said. I was kind of embarrased. I mean, I was their elder brother! 'First I saw these four kid, one of them was a satyr, and I think one was Annabeth, and then I saw them again, but only the satyr was not there.' I said.
'Were the other two kids... did they look like thay the same age? Was there a blond buy and a black haired girl?' Kat said slowly.
I nodded, and asked her, 'Yeah, how d'you know?'
Kat looked at Percy.
But instead of answering, Percy said,'What exactly did you see?'
'Um, in the first one the four of them were on the hill, and the black haired girl sacrificed herself for her friends and in the second one they were at someone's house, at the blonde guy's, from the looks of it, 'cause he was arguing with this guy, who I think is Hermes' I said, then on seeing the looks on their faces, I said,'Why? What happened? Who were they?'
'They were Thalia, Luke, Annabeth and Grover' Percy said, and Kat continued, 'Though why did you get dreams about that?'
I shrugged, and said 'I guess it was just, you know, showing the past lesson or something. Maybe the fates wanted me to have nightmares, so they showed this to me'
'Maybe,' Percy shrugged, 'if you're feeling okay, then you must be correct' and with that he went back to bed.
Kat looked at me worriedly, but I gave her a reassuring smile and told her,'I'm fine, sweetie. Just a nightmare, normal for demigods, right?
She looked at me for a few moments, then after giving me a sad smile she said,'Yeah. Good night' and with that she too went to sleep.
I lay back down, just praying to God that I wouldn't get any more nightmares'


You are welcome

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@Son of Chaos
Haha, thanks.

Soumya Soumya

Don't listen to that doosh this story is awseome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

Fuck you man I've seen way worse writing and quite frankly I think this is good and I hate 1D

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

First look at yourself, then judge others. THANK YOU.

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