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Child of the Moon

welcome to my life

it was just another day sitting in History class, boring as usual. all the kids were texting eachother and the teacher just droning on and on oblivious to what was happening around the room. my day could not get any better.
the principal walked in just like every other day to check up on things, but today he wasn't alone. behind the principal stood a boy and a girl. they were all muscular and had these garded expressions, like something could come out and attack them at anytime, and their eyes were fixed straight on me.
they looked they could be the same age as me, sixteen. the boy had floppy sandy colored hair that looked like it could never be tamed, the deepest blue eyes i had ever seen, and the sent of the sea clung to the air. the girl was beautiful. she had blond hair and stormy grey eyes that held so much wisdom. she also had an old ratty blue yankees cap hanging out of the back pocket of her jeans. from the way they stood together, they must have been through a lot together. what tore me away from admiring them was the principals raspy voice.
"these are our new students, Percy and Annabeth," he said, "they are from Long Island, lets give them a big badger's welcome!" my class gave a forced grumbbly welcome, but it was obvious they could care less.
my teacher said."welcome! now were just starting our chapter on Ancient Greece. so why dont you take thoes seats over by Aria." the two looked at eachother in amusement and walked to the back of the class where i was sitting. Annabeth took the seat right infront of me and Percy took the seat next to her. she looked right at me and said, "Aria right? im Annabeth and this is Percy," nodding next to her. i just nodded and gave her a small smile. i dont really like talking to people in school they bother me too much. the teacher called back attention to the lesson and she turned around to listen. but what happened next was a real shocker.
POV: Percy

i knew who we were looking for right when we entered the classroom. Chiron explained the whole situation to me and Annabeth. he said the person we were looking for would most likely be in the corner all alone not realy wanting to socialize. and there she was right where he said she should be.
she was small, had these huge grey eyes. her eyes werent the stormy grey like Annabeth's but more silver i couldnt help but think that i saw thoes eyes before but on someone else. she had an old rolling stones tshirt, blue jeans, and probably the most dirtiest old converse i had ever seen. her hair is auburn and braided to the side over her sholder
i then noticed she had a puzzled look on her face, i realised that i was staring at her. i looked over at Annabeth and she was staring at her too. the teacher told us to take our seats. we walked to the back of the room where the girl, who's name i learned to be Aria, and took the seats by her. Annabeth was talking to her, i wasnt realy paying attention to them. i sized up the room and looked for possible exits and check our suroundings if somone decided to attack, which you learn when your a demi-god. the teacher call for attention in the class and started his lesson on Ancient Greece back up. i couldnt help but find it amusing, if only he knew.


Hello. so yea story yeeh. im sorry if there are any spelling errors or stuff like that, im really bad at that stuff. so tell me if you like the story.



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LOL arn't they everywhere?
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And obviously cyclops are always after the children of the huntress
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