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Child of the Moon

i destroy the school

Everything happened so fast. There was a crash from the hallway followed by a roar. I looked around the classroom and it seemed nobody noticed. But then I saw Percy and Anabeth’s expressions. They were looking at each other with like “uh oh” expressions. Percy jumped out of his seat taking out a ball point pen from his pocket and ran out of the room.
Anabeth screeched, “STAY HERE,” and ran out of the room following Percy. I looked around the room again and still nobody noticed the disturbances, not even the teacher. So I creped out of my seat and walked swiftly to the door to see what exactly was going on.
The sight I saw was something I had never seen before. Percy and Anabeth were fighting it out with the principal in the middle of the hall way. I stood there at the door dumbstruck. It wasn’t the principal; it was some fat and tall freak. He had one blood shot eye in the middle of his forehead and a piece of the piping in his hand. Percy had a long golden sword in his hand and was swiping at the monsters feet and legs. Anabeth was nowhere in sight. The beast let out a growl and I noticed that Percy had managed to stick a small bronze dagger in its belly. The thing roared again and swiped the pipe at Percy. He jumped out of the way and crashed into the wall.
Percy screamed, “Anabeth! Get off now!” and then suddenly Anabeth appeared on the beasts arm. Her blue Yankees cap feel to the floor. Percy grabbed the cap and yelled, “GO!” To me. I just stood there frozen. Percy swung his sword up to Anabeth who caught it and in the same motion sliced the head off the beast. The thing burst into golden flakes and floated to the floor. Anabeth dropped down onto her feet and said Percy, “We have to get out of here there might be more,” he nodded and then she turned to me, “no time to explain, do you know some where safe?”
I nodded and said, “My house.” She nodded and we ran through the hallways and out the door toward my home.
We burst into the front door of my house. I went to the fridge and got out a nice cold bottle of water and one for my guests. I screamed for my mom to come down stairs. There was a crash and I could hear the thuds of her feet run down the stairs.
“WHAT WHAT’S GOING ON!” she screams. Percy and Anabeth look at her calmly and explain.
“It’s time for Aria to come back to Camp,” says Anabeth .


i wasn't sure if i was going to post or delete this story. here's a chapter if you want me to keep going comment and subscribe.. but i don't really know what i want to do with this yet, it was an idea i had from a dream that never really had a plot or anything so give me some feed back on what you want. maybe if someones interested a co-write?




Epic ness lol computor and cat comfitor

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LOL arn't they everywhere?
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And obviously cyclops are always after the children of the huntress
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