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Child of the Moon

A tearful goodbye

Camp?! What the hell were they talking about? Is it because I saw the principal turn into that thing? Oh my god, they think I’m crazy. They’re sending me to some kind of asylum? But wait I’m not crazy. Am I? What was that thing in the school anyway? Oh god I am crazy.
I was brought out of my mental rant when someone cleared their thought. I looked up and see my mother, Annabeth, and Percy staring at me. But before I could ask anything my mother spoke,” Oh, Sweetheart, you’re not crazy. It’s a special place where you’ll be safe.”
“Safe, what do you mean safe, from who?” I said. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Who do I need to be safe from? Percy must have saw the distress on my face because he replied, “Don’t worry; it’s a safe place for people like us. Everything will be fine don’t worry.” And for some reason unknown to me I believed him. I felt that I could trust him, so I nodded my head in reply.
Annabeth then spoke up, “Perc-, call Black Jack. We’re going to need a ride.” Percy then nodded and went over to one of the windows in the kitchen and opened it. He leaned out did a extremely loud cab whistle. He then closed the window and turned back to us and said, “Blackjack will be here soon with Porkpie and whoever he can round up. Aria, you should probably go pack some clothes and stuff.” I nodded then turned and ran up the stair to my bedroom.
My room was my favorite place in the world. I managed to convince my parents to let me repaint my walls from the ugly salmon color they used to be. Now it looked like a dark forest, kind of like the one from harry potter, and on the celling there are glow in the dark stars in the shape of the constellations that would be right over head. I went over to my closet and rummaged through to the back and found an old black back pack and a duffle bag. I threw the back pack over to my unmade bed and grabbed the duffle and started stuffing clothes into it. I went over to my drawers and took some underwear and socks and threw them in. the last thing I put into the duffle was my old warn out vans, some combat boots, and I somehow managed to stuff in my pink cat comforter also (don’t judge me, its comfy).
I threw the duffle over to my door, so I could grab it on my way out, and walked over to my bed. Then I picked up my back pack and started putting my laptop charger and phone charger at the bottom of the bag. I proceeded to take my laptop and rap it into one of my longest scarves, so my baby didn’t get damaged and carefully put it in the bag. I continued to walk around my room just picking up miscellaneous things that I might need. When I was finished packing I zipped up the bag, grabbed my black beanie and threw it on top my mop of a hair, and walk down stairs.
After a teary farewell with my mom, Percy and Anabeth led me to the back yard where a few surprises awaited me.


BOOM!! two chapter in one day...whaaaat?



Epic ness lol computor and cat comfitor

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@Thalia grace
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LOL arn't they everywhere?
Sam Hamper Sam Hamper
And obviously cyclops are always after the children of the huntress
Eliza Rush Eliza Rush