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Tick Tock


My name is Jackson Yu, I'm 17 as of this year. I was adopted into the Yu family when I was just a baby and have been part of the family ever since. My father's a wealthy merchant, my mother's an actor... so I really don't have anything to complain about in terms of money or anything. They're nice people, even my parents' biological kids treat me well... like I truly belong. I was sent to a prestegious school like my brother, and really I was fine. Good grades, good attitude, nothing was really wrong. I had dyslexia sometimes, but it wasn't that bad, I was really getting along fine.

Everything went to all hell on a cruise... I know... a cruise, a vacation of all things, right? So, my family was just hanging out on deck... soaking in the sun, swimming in the pool... enjoying life and all its extravagances. They say a storm hit us, but I saw it for what it really was. I ended up on the shores of a camp... Camp Half-Blood is what they called it. I didn't know that this was the beginning of something that would change my life forever.


Alexia Kao

Alexia Kao

The daughter of Apollo. She is proficient with a bow and confident in her own skills. She doesn't reveal much about herself and tends to keep herself at a distance.

Jackson Yu

Jackson Yu

A young boy adopted into the Yu family. After a mysterious accident that caused his cruise ship to sink, he washes ashore on the beaches of Camp Half Blood.

Max Kao

Max Kao

The son of Apollo. He is the brother of Alexia, though not much else is known about him. He appears to be friendlier than his sister though.



Lol first story on the site!

Chelsea_Delos Chelsea_Delos
Really sorry about not updating the story. I've been really busy, but I'll try to get a new chapter up by the end of the week! I may not update as often after that since school starts in a week (ugh...) but be patient, I know how the chapter's gonna look, I just haven't gotten it down on digital paper yet!
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It varies. Sometimes I'll update a few times a week, sometimes I'll update once a month. It depends on when inspiration hits me. I'm going to try to update at least once a week though.
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Just wondering, but how often do you update?