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Percy Jackson Photos


So we'll be posting PJO photos at random times. Yup.



  1. Percy

  2. Luke

  3. Leo

  4. Riptide

  5. Nico

  6. Name Tags

  7. Haha Funny

  8. Marvel/Percy Jackson, Very funny!

  9. Movie Pic

  10. Ya

  11. Percabeth

  12. Love

  13. Keep Calm

  14. Fanfiction

  15. Totally True!

  16. The Pen

  17. Bunny

  18. Darth Vader

  19. Zoe

  20. Crayon Drawing

  21. Tinker Bell

  22. YOLO

  23. PJ Hydra Cool

  24. Fandoms

  25. Tyson

  26. Yes!

  27. Lotus Flowers

  28. Lord of the Horses

  29. Camp

  30. Our Doom

  31. Percy VS Jason

  32. Mark of Athena

  33. Pushy Jackson and The Giant Fork

  34. A Crazy Dolphin

  35. Heroes

  36. Keep Calm and.......

  37. The 18th of August...

  38. Book vs Movie

  39. Blue or Annabeth?

  40. Bob Says Hello...

  41. I can speak WHALE

  42. Nico changes his surname

  43. True Villain...

  44. Percy fights Gaea

  45. This pen writes better

  46. A special place in Hell

  47. Leo`s goal in life

  48. Percy in the morning

  49. Annabeth

  50. That one thing


  52. Thoughts...

  53. Annabeth

  54. Harry and Percy/ Annabeth and Ginny

  55. BoO Cover

  56. Petition

  57. Small BoO spoiler from Uncle Rick

  58. I Apollo-gize

  59. First Spoken Words

  60. Calypso

  61. Caleo

  62. Caleo.2

  63. Caleo.3

  64. Caleo.4

  65. Fishy situation... Seriously?!

  66. Letter to: Nico

  67. Jasper

  68. The trio

  69. Little tiger...

  70. Hogwarts AU

  71. Superheroes


  73. Heroes. Piper

  74. Heroes. Jason

  75. Heroes. Hazel

  76. Heroes. Frank

  77. Heroes. Reyna

  78. Heroes. Nico

  79. Heroes. Annabeth

  80. Heroes. Percy

  81. Heroes. Leo

  82. Percy`s Death

    By Viria and Minuiko

  83. Percy`s Death.2

    By Viria and Minuiko

  84. Percy`s Death.3

    By Viria and Minuiko

  85. Percy`s Death.4

    By Viria and Minuiko

  86. Percy`s Death.5

    By Viria and Minuiko

  87. Percy`s Death.6

    By Viria and Minuiko

  88. Percy`s Death.7

    By Viria and Minuiko

  89. Percy`s Death.8

    By Viria and Minuiko

  90. Percy`s Death.9

    By Viria and Minuiko

  91. Percy`s Death.10

    By Viria and Minuiko

  92. Percy`s Death.11

    By Viria and Minuiko

  93. Percy`s Death.12

    By Viria and Minuiko

  94. Percy`s Death.13

    By Viria and Minuiko

  95. Percy`s Death.14

    By Viria and Minuiko

  96. Percy`s Death.15

    By Viria and Minuiko

  97. Percy`s Death.16

    By Viria and Minuiko

  98. Percy`s Death.17

    By Viria and Minuiko

  99. Percy`s Death.18

    By Viria and Minuiko

  100. Percy`s Death.19

    By Viria and Minuiko

  101. Percy`s Death.20

    By Viria and Minuiko

  102. Percy`s Death.21

    By Viria and Minuiko

  103. Jeyna

  104. Jasiper

  105. Gleeson Hedge

  106. Dance school AU

  107. Dance school AU

  108. Dance school AU

  109. Dance school AU

  110. Nico and Percy

    By Poopyuu

  111. Nico and Percy.1

    By Poopyuu

  112. Nico and Percy.2

    By Poopyuu

  113. Nico and Percy.3

    By Poopyuu

  114. Nico and Percy.4

    By Poopyuu

  115. Nico and Percy.5

    By Poopyuu

  116. Nico and Percy.6

    By Poopyuu

  117. ...The Seven+Nico...

    By Poopyuu

  118. Percy and His boxers

    By Poopyuu

  119. Whoever Blushes First Lose When The Other Person Said "I Like You"

    By Poopyuu

  120. Whoever Blushes First Lose When The Other Person Said "I Like You".Piper&Annabeth

    By Poopyuu

  121. Whoever Blushes First Lose When The Other Person Said "I Like You".Percy&Nico

    By Poopyuu

  122. Whoever Blushes First Lose When The Other Person Said "I Like You".Reyna&Piper

    By Poopyuu

  123. Whoever Blushes First Lose When The Other Person Said "I Like You".Jason&Percy

    By Poopyuu

  124. Whoever Blushes First Lose When The Other Person Said "I Like You".Percy&Annabeth

    By Poopyuu

  125. Percy&Annabeth

  126. Fan Art #1

  127. Fan Art #2

  128. Fan Art #3

  129. Fan Art #4

  130. Fan Art #5

  131. Family

    By minuiko

  132. The Big Three

    By minuiko

  133. Nico

    By viria

  134. Zombie AU

    By viria

  135. Baby Percy

    By munies

  136. They just don`t understand

    By dellbelle39

  137. Jason and The Girls

    By minuiko

  138. Four Eyes and Lame

    By shireferhire

  139. Hogwarts AU

    By shireferhire

  140. AU

    By shireferhire

  141. When Persephone isn’t home…

    By vinvii

  142. Demigod Christmas

    By formalpeanutexperts

  143. Percabeth

    By siabla

  144. Thalia

    By hellsdoodles

  145. Reyna and the Fourth Wall

    by RobinTehEVOCat

  146. Frazzle Dazzle (Because Frazel needs some love)

    by RobinTehEVOCat

  147. Ticklish Reyna

    by RobinTehEvoCat

  148. Demigods and Youtube (2)

    by RobinTehEVOCat

  149. GROUP HUG ON 3

    by RobinTehEVOCat

  150. Demigods and Youtube (3)

  151. Repair Boy

    by RobinTehEVOCat

  152. Pre-BoO "If Rick Kills Leo"

    by DaedalusDaVinci

  153. If Leo Valdez became an author

    By thegeekynerd

  154. Jason and Percy keeping eyes on Nico and Will

    By sabertooth-racoon

  155. Stop messing up my OTP

  156. Christmas Jasiper

    By cookiecreation

  157. Clothes Swap aka Jason totally uses hair gel

    By cookiecreation

  158. Just let that sink in...

    By thedivergentdaughterofathena

  159. Italian Ghost King

    By dellbelle39

  160. Minor Characters--1

  161. Solangelo...

    By dekuhornet

  162. German HoO Cover #1

  163. German HoO Cover #2

  164. German HoO Cover #3

  165. German HoO Cover #4

  166. Annabeth In Tartarus

    By Roxxannene

  167. The Troublemaker. The Seaweed Brain. The Hero.

    Art by Viria. Text by LexyCooperSeesYou

  168. PJO Ladies

    By Jovaline

  169. The Video

    By Ilyone


Great. You made me flood the entire state of Iowa. Thanks a lot! *Sees the name Bob* *Started to cry so much, I caused Hurricane Matthew*

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*Bunny* lol so true:)

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on the movie pic red and green all the way

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Thanks :D

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