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The Short Life of a Half-Blood


P.J. Jackson. Yep, that's Payton. She's called that because her middle name is Jamie. Payton's known as Pay, P.J., or just simply Jackson. Payton's always had these nick names, though maybe she never wanted them. It shows that she's surrounded by friends and family. But she doesn't feel like it. They aren't her real family. They are her friends, but they definately aren't her family. She's never known what a real family is like. And when she finally finds out, it may be too late for her. Too late to change her mind anyway.


Payton Jamie Jackson

Payton Jamie Jackson

Payton has long, black hair that falls in waves around her shoulders. One of her eyes is light sea green and the other is dark ocean blue. She is 12 years old, the twin sister of Percy Jackson. When she was little, she wandered away from her mother and was found my Chiron in the middle of a valley ringed by mountains. No one knows how she got there and she has no memory of it. Payton was taken back to Camp Half-Blood and raised there. She never thought she had much of a family and the other campers were just friends, no matter how close they all were to each other.


  1. Chapter One - Alone

    Here, we're just seeing Payton and you're getting a feel for her personality and feelings. Alright? Alright.

  2. Chapter Two - Is He...?

    Payton doesn't know what to think when Percy seems to be getting closer and closer to being what she remembers about her brother. Percy seems to be thinking too, with the coincidences he notices about Payton.


Amazing!! can you please keep updating???? :D
you got it ;D
This is my favorite story I've seen so far! Very well written! Please keep updating!
Dantheman Dantheman