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The Other Camp

Oatmeal and Spears

My name is Jade. I am a half blood. I live at C.H.B.R., Canadian Half Blood Recruits. I am a daughter of Ares. This is my story and how I was cursed. I pulled my self out of bed. My watch reads 6:15. Of coarse the moment I get out of bed I trip over someones beast plate. My brothers were so sloppy, I pushed it under a bed hoping that they would have a hard time finding it. I manage to get to the chest at the end of my bed without bumping in to anything and take out the navy blue t-shirt and a navy sweater both reading C.H.B.R., I also pull out a pair of jeans. After I dress and put my hair up in a ponytail I stand in the door of our cabin and call out to my brothers "Get up and get dressed. We've got breakfast in ten minutes."

I lead them towards the dinning hall. C.H.B.R. was modeled after Camp Half Blood, just another reminder we're here and not there. Unlike Camp Half Blood we have no magic borders to keep us safe, I think we have some but they're so weak that we have to guard them at all times or we will be over run with monsters. When we reach the dinning hall we sit at are picnic bench, there is one for each cabin. We only have 116 campers, we had more at the beginning of fall but about ten were killed in the last month alone. Breakfast was oatmeal with apples and coffee, we didn't have coffee often, only when spirits were low.

"Attention!" yelled a voice from the front of the dinning hall, the speaker was Ben. He was the leader of C.H.B.R. he had served as leader ever since our last leader was killed in a bloody battle two years ago. "We may have had a lot more monsters fighting us lately but as it has before they will eventually stop attacking this frequently. In other news the cabins on border duty are the Ares cabin and the Athena cabin and I will be joining them. Everyone else knows what to do see you at lunch, stay alive."

Border duty was no fun, you could die. Everyone worked in pairs patrolling the border, this made it less likely for a monster to kill. As we walked back to the cabin to get our armor, Ben jogged up to me.

"You okay?" He asked me.

"I'm fine. Just triad. And you?" "Same as you, fine but triad." He put his arm around me until we reached my cabin. I went inside and put on my armor and garbed my spear, it's barbed tip is poisoned so that even if I don't kill a monster at first it will die eventually.


Hi, thanks for reading my story and please leave me feedback!


I love it! Go on!!!

Echo Spear! Echo Spear!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick

Thank you so much (for both the comment and backing me up with that other comment). I deleted my other story because I didn't like it but I'm working on another story called "Why Me?". Just finishing the first chapter.
SOS155 SOS155
omg i love this! Where id your other story go? i wanna read them both!!!! AGH!!!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick
@Son of Apollo
Thank you for telling me. I have never gotten a comment before today.
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