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The Other Camp


Jade and Ben walked the camps borders. Ben seemed quieter ever since he became the leader of C.H.B.R and didn't hang out with her so much. I could tell something was bothering him, “What’s wrong?" I asked, turning to look at him.
"It's just," he replied stopping and staring straight ahead "that ever since I became the leader of camp, more and more monsters are attacking and even more people are dying."
"You can't blame yourself," I stepped in front of him so I could look him in the eye "just because you’re a son of Poseidon doesn't mean more monsters are attacking camp." I would have said more but just then a scream came from in front of us and Ben ran off.

I followed Ben through the woods to a clearing where we could see two hellhounds devouring the two campers bodies well a third hellhound lay dead nearby. Ben started to rise but I pulled him back down, “Wait.” I told him. I took hold of my spear and threw it at one of the hellhound. I was quite glad to see it sink through the hellhounds neck, for it I had missed I wold be defenceless. Ben then killed the other hellhound with his sword.

Later that night after burning the burial shrouds of the two boys who had died Ben held council with all the cabin leaders.
“After today I have decided,” Ben said standing at the end of the table were they held all there meeting, “That we need a quest. My father told me there was a way to get the camp magical borders, but there is a price.”
“What’s the price?” said the boy who led the Apollo cabin.
“I’m not too sure,” Ben replied, looking grim, “But I know it’s something big, something important to whomever takes what will give us the magical borders. I’m going will anyone join me.”

Everyone was silent, no one spoke up of raised a hand. I guess no one wanted to give up their life. Ben nodded and turned to walk out. “I’ll do it,” I said standing up “I’ll help you.” I could tell he didn’t want me along, he was afraid for me, I could feel my heart beating faster because of this, but this was not the time to fall head over heels, I had to keep my head and honor my father.
Ben turned and looked at me “Ok, we’ll leave tomorrow at daybreak.”


I love it! Go on!!!

Echo Spear! Echo Spear!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick

Thank you so much (for both the comment and backing me up with that other comment). I deleted my other story because I didn't like it but I'm working on another story called "Why Me?". Just finishing the first chapter.
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omg i love this! Where id your other story go? i wanna read them both!!!! AGH!!!
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@Son of Apollo
Thank you for telling me. I have never gotten a comment before today.
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