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The Other Camp

To the Sea

The next day I was packed and ready to go before the sun was up so I took my backpack to the arena to get some practise in before we left. I set my backpack by the entrance and, using a sword I borrowed from the armory, started easily slashing down the straw dummies.
“Ready to go?” Ben asked. I jumped at the sound of his voice, I had not heard him come in, but I turned around slowly. He looked different, in fact he looked normal, he hadn’t looked normal since their first quest when they had been forced to work together and last night he looked like he was planning her funeral.
“Yeah,” I said “I’m ready to go. Where are we going?”
“How do you feel about water?” he replied.
We stood on the beach as the sun came up; even though it was the middle of summer it was too early for people to be out on the beach enjoying the surf. I was not looking forward to getting wet, but if it meant saving the camp I would do it.
My toes were getting wet from the rising tide and then it hit me, I wouldn’t be able to breath.
“Don’t worry,” Ben said as if he could read my mind, “I have a plan, wait here, I’ll be back soon.” And, before I could protest, he stepped into the sea and disappeared.
It wasn’t long before people started showing up, families spending some time on the beach, guys surfing, just a normal day. Except for the girl standing with, what it seemed, no reason but to stare out to sea. I pulled a blanket out of my backpack and a book and sat down. I wondered where Ben was and started to read my book. About an hour passed, I could hear some of the boys who had been surfing talking about me in loud voices; they seemed to be daring each other to come over to me.
It wasn’t long after this when one of the guys who had been surfing sat down on my blanket. I tried to ignore him. He said something about waves and then tried to put his arm around me; I pushed it away and told him not to touch me.
“Come on!” He said and tried to put his arm around me again. And again I pushed him away, “I said don’t touch me!” and buried my face in my book trying not to punch this guy in the face. Then, for the third time, this guy tried to put his arm around me, but before I could push him away he was yanked into the air and thrown aside. Ben was standing over him, wet from head to foot, he looked strong and powerful.
“You alright?” He asked.
“Yeah,” I replied, “I’m fine.”
“Come on. I have what we need.”
We hid our backpacks in a hollow rock. Then Ben led me into the sea. We stopped walking when the water was up to my waist. Ben handed me something, it was a gold bracelet with pearls set along it, “Put it on,” he said, “It will help you breath under water.” I slipped the bracelet on and instantly felt the worse pain ever spread through my body. I fell forward and Ben caught me, and together we plunged sea.


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I love it! Go on!!!

Echo Spear! Echo Spear!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick

Thank you so much (for both the comment and backing me up with that other comment). I deleted my other story because I didn't like it but I'm working on another story called "Why Me?". Just finishing the first chapter.
SOS155 SOS155
omg i love this! Where id your other story go? i wanna read them both!!!! AGH!!!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick
@Son of Apollo
Thank you for telling me. I have never gotten a comment before today.
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