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The Other Camp


Bubbles. That was all I could see. A wall of white bubbles. They quickly disappeared and I saw Ben swimming underwater in front of me with a look of wonder on his face. Then it hit me, I was breathing under water. I looked down and caught my breath. I was looking at a large, blue tail.
“You know what,” I could hear Ben’s voice in my head, “you would make the best catch for a fisherman.” He was right, because I was a mermaid.
It took a while to swim in a straight line. Ben couldn’t stop laughing when I got a crab mad at me when I accidentally hit it with my tail one time I swam too close to the bottom; it was not fun trying to get the crab off. Before long I had learned how to swim with my new tail. Ben swam up to me and kissed my lips. I could remember our first quest, not getting along and fighting almost every minute, I still can’t figure out how we fell in love.
“Ready to go?” He asked, pulling away.
“Yeah,” I said bringing myself back to this world and remembering we were on a quest to save camp, “May I ask where we’re going?”
“The underwater temple.” He said like it was the only place we could go in the whole ocean.
“Um…I don’t know what that is or where that is.” I replied.
“You’ll see when we get there.” Then he turned and said, “One more thing you’ll need.”
Ben walked back out of the ocean and returned with my spear and his own sword.
I sighed and said, “I’m guessing not everything down here is friendly.” The look on Bens face told me I was right, so there was nothing left to do but grab my spear and start off on our quest to save camp knowing that one of us would returned cursed.
It was night before we stopped to rest. It had become quite cold since the sun had gone down. Ben pulled a metal tin out of his pack, inside was a purple fire. The purple fire was enchanted so that it could burn forever and could never be put out, but it still gave off heat. It was one thing we had back at camp that was magic. After we had eaten a meal of fish, it wasn’t the best underwater; Ben said he’d take first watch. I didn’t know if I could sleep underwater but apparently I could because I was out like a light as soon as I lay down.
In my dream I was at camp standing by the table we held council at. A hand full of campers were standing around the table talking in low voices, I could see one of my brothers standing there helping come up with a battle plan.
“Three camper dead in the last twenty four hours around this spot, we need more people here.” Someone said.
“But where would we take guards away from?” Another person replied.
“I-“Began the first but was cut short by an explosion in the distance. My dream blurred and faded. I woke up with Ben standing over me.
“We have a problem.” He said. I grabbed my spear and followed him to see what was going on.


I love it! Go on!!!

Echo Spear! Echo Spear!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick

Thank you so much (for both the comment and backing me up with that other comment). I deleted my other story because I didn't like it but I'm working on another story called "Why Me?". Just finishing the first chapter.
SOS155 SOS155
omg i love this! Where id your other story go? i wanna read them both!!!! AGH!!!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick
@Son of Apollo
Thank you for telling me. I have never gotten a comment before today.
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