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The Other Camp

Sea Monster!

Of course a monster had to find us barely one day into the quest and of course it had to be a sea monster. A long, green sea monster like the ones on really old maps.
“Good thing its small, Keto must be sending most of the sea monsters somewhere else.” Ben whispered.
“That’s small?” I hissed back.
“Yeah, trust me you don’t want to meet a big one.”
“I’ll take your word for it.” And so we came up with a battle plan.
One thing about me people mix up is that just because I’m a daughter of Ares it means I love battle and killing things. Not true! Ok maybe it is true for most of us and for me once but not anymore. It’s crazy but all I want is a quiet life. Not saying I can’t still kill something when I’m in the mood. We came up with simple battle plan, Ben would distract it from the front and I would sneak around it and kill it.
So Ben ran out in front of it to get its attention and it worked. The sea monster swam strait at him, but unfortunately another swam up behind Ben from the ridge we didn’t see before. I yelled that the sea monster was behind him but before he could turn to fight it I was back to back with him fighting it.
“Ben,” I yelled as I jabbed my spear at its eye, “Can’t you control the water or something and kill them or get us out of here.”
“I don’t have those powers.” He said slicing off his sea monster’s head as I thrust my spear through my sea monster’s eye.
“That was fun. I guess me go get the thing that will save our camp and curse one of us.” I said. Together we packed up camp and headed off toward The Underwater Temple.
We reached The Underwater Temple in the late afternoon. It was a big Ancient Greek style temple with sea grass growing around it and coral growing on the white stone. A strange blue light was coming from it.
“That strange blue light,” Ben said pointing at the temple, “That’s what we’re after. Let me take it I don’t want you to get cursed.”
“No, I can take it.” I said, I knew if Ben took it he might not survive and I couldn’t live without him.
“Jade, I couldn’t live with myself if I let you take it, because I might lose you.” He said and I agreed to let him take it but I had a feeling he knew I was going to take it no matter what.


I am going to cut this story short because I want to write one where C.H.B.R. meets Camp Half Blood and I'm running low on ideas for this story.


I love it! Go on!!!

Echo Spear! Echo Spear!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick

Thank you so much (for both the comment and backing me up with that other comment). I deleted my other story because I didn't like it but I'm working on another story called "Why Me?". Just finishing the first chapter.
SOS155 SOS155
omg i love this! Where id your other story go? i wanna read them both!!!! AGH!!!
Stop it Rick Stop it Rick
@Son of Apollo
Thank you for telling me. I have never gotten a comment before today.
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