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One Shots


So this would be full of one-shots of pairings that the readers would like me to write about. Write your requests on the comment section please! (or message me if you don't want people to know.)

Look, I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT write smut.. I feel too young for that and even though I do dirty RP too, I can't write a frickle frackle scene..


  1. Jeyna

    A Jason x Reyna: Christmas one-shot ~[Reyna's POV]~

  2. Pereyna

    A Percy x Reyna: AU one-shot ~[Percy's POV]~

  3. Caleo

    Calypso x Leo: A one shot (more of a head canon but whatevs)

  4. Percabeth

    Percy x Annabeth: A one shot (head canon)

  5. Percy

    a little Percabeth: head canon

  6. Percabeth

    Percy x Annabeth: A one shot (head canon)

  7. Pernico

    (just a little) Percy x Nico: head canon

  8. Jeyna

    (another) Jason x Reyna [a.k.a my OTP]: a head canon / one shot

  9. Pipabeth

    Piper x Annabeth: A one-shot

  10. Lukeabeth

    Luke x Annabeth one-shot

  11. Reynico

    Reyna x Nico: a one shot // Thinking Out Loud -Ed Sheeran


I love these!
Reynico is my faveorite ship.

I love this. I totally ship Jeyna, so this is right up my alley.

BoodooDoll13 BoodooDoll13

Can you do one with Calypso and Nico (Calico)? Just for fun

Jacq-jaq Jacq-jaq

@Eliza di Angelo
Thank you sooooo much >.< I really appreciate it and I LOVE these one shots ^_^ cya!

Jacq-jaq Jacq-jaq

sure!! I ship Reynico as a BROTP, but sure! I'll add it to my list!! :D