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Silver at heart


The year before, three sisters, Riley, Kylie, and Lily,lost both of their parents in mysterious accidents.
Now, Riley, the oldest at sixteen, has decided to run away from their old apartment building. That is, until she finds a mysterious chest. Along with the box is a letter adressed to her. As she and her sisters discover the truth about their ancestry, the more they realize that they are in danger. As they run away, they meet the hunters of Artemis and soon find themselves wrapped in many, many oaths.
Soon, Riley finds herself falling for a male demigod. Will she let go of the many, many oaths just for a boy?
Kylie soon finds herself in a decision of her most wanted desire and her loved ones. Which will she choose?
At a young age, Lily Reaghan finds herself orphaned and soon to maybe be abandoned by her sisters. Having no one to turn to, she is forced to turn to Thalia Grace. But what good is Thalia's advice? Read on to find out.


  1. Orphaned

    Riley's POV


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