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RP Group


Hi, Nova here. My friends and I are looking to get more people to RP with us.



Hey guys :) It's been a hot minute. I finally remembered my old login from years ago, and I found this old account! I'm so happy, because this account was a huge part of my life a few years ago. I would roleplay with you guys as Sparrow Price, and write fanfics. It was so much fun... I just wanted to say thanks for the memories and writing experience. It was great. It's crazy being back after years. I got on this site when I was in 5th grade, so that was around 5 years ago? Roughly. Anyways, it was really great chatting with you guys and roleplaying. i don't think I'll ever forget the adventures we had as Sparrow, Ash, Alec, Zara, Sadie, Nova and Chandler? I think lol, its been awhile. Thanks again, :P

Constrictor Constrictor
OC Name: Charlie Gold
OC Age: 15
Godly Parent: Apollo
OC Description: long blonde hair, glowing blue eyes, 5'7" tall, female, freckles everywhere, averagely built, long fingers, thin eyebrows, tan, sometimes hair can be found a different colour
Powers/Abilities: Light manipulation, faster than most, amazing art skills, cant get sunburn
Strengths: Stronger when in the sun
Weaknesses: The dark
Fatal Flaw: Empathy for others
(optional) Weapons: Bow, sword, and shield
(optional) Likes: Art, drama/plays, movies, campfires, her acoustic guitar, he alto saxophone, music, good books series, dogs, the Pegasus
(optional) Dislikes: sushi, makeup, dresses, small spaces, falling (fear gone after 2 years of training), most of Aphrodite, reptiles

About the OC (background, history): Lived with mom, diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia as a kid
Hobbies/interests: Plays alto saxophone and acoustic guitar, talented in archery, good baker, amazing art skills
Zodiac: Leo

Name: Charlie
RP Style (action is in asterisks or novel format?): I don't know? What is the normal type?
Do you have experience: I used to RP on roblox, I was pretty good
How many OCs do you have: 8
If you write, please tell a story/link us to some of it: I write on Quotev, my user is Charliecat.

I'm not sure whether we're accepting applications at this time...however, as stated in the latest update, we have moved to Discord. You will need a Discord account to roleplay with us, in the event that we do accept new members.

Sakra Devanam Sakra Devanam
OC Name: Penny Dove
OC Age:17
OC Age:Godly Parent: Athena
OC Description: right around 5'7, long length cinnamon brown hair in a pony tail, pale pale freckled skin with light purple eyes, wears grey sweat pants camp t under a purple hoodie and a amethyst necklace she never takes off (last gift her father gave to her)
wisdom, heightened IQ, Photographic memory
Strengths: archery, drawing ( she can make very good portraits)
Weaknesses: not very good at sword fighting, very shy
Fatal Flaw: she doesn't like to get close to people; every time she does they either get hurt or killed.
(optional)Weapons: bow and arrow, a gladius ( a gift from a roman)
(optional) Likes: reading, sweet stuff (the sweeter the better)
(optional) Dislikes: crowded places, sour stuff.

About the OC (background, history): she is the youngest of two, she lives with her dad and bother in Washington D.C., her father is a architect. her bother, of course, is her best friend, he sometimes kid with her by calling himself her protector. the day she found out she was a demigod, she was attacked by cyclopes; she did escaped though, but she lost her father and her brother was badly wounded.
Hobbies/interests: reading and drawing
(optional) Myers-Briggs type/Zodiac sign: Gemini

Name: Darren Sanborn
RP Style (action is in asterisks or novel format?):novel
Do you have experience: yes, I have helped a lot of people on here with their stories
How many OCs do you have:6 or 7
If you write, please tell a story/link us to some of it:

Ah, hi...
We're kind of inactive right now, sorry :( we should probably put somewhere that this group is currently on an indefinite hiatus.
About your character though, I think "charmspeak-like singing" is a bit over-powered. You might want to find something a little less powerful, or at least find a way to make it look less OP.

Sakra Devanam Sakra Devanam