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Percy Jackson chaos' assassin


Percy gets disowned by his father his mom and step-dad were killed in a car accident and his half brother max is getting the glory for nothing so Percy leaves and becomes chaos' heir will he fall or rise with power.


  1. The reasons

    Why he left

  2. The offer

    Chaos comes to Percy

  3. The demands

    What will chaos or Percy demand

  4. The terms come true

    All about Percy becoming the assassin

  5. Omega (Percy) returns

    Chaos helps the gods against Kronos and geae

  6. Tying up loose ends

    Omega reunites with his old friends

  7. Omega + Artemis =?

    Where will omis go

  8. The after math

    What will Artemis do

  9. The wedding crashes ?

    What will happen with Artemis and omega with camp and max

  10. Explanations

    Omega explains himself

  11. Reuniting

    All about omega reuniting with his past

  12. Resuming

    Resuming life at camp

  13. The hooneymoon

    Artemis and omega's hooneymoon

  14. The fight

    Omega and Artemis fight Lycone and, omega finds out a secret

  15. The news

    Artemis tells Percy about the baby

  16. The hooneymoon part 2

    Brazil trip

  17. Telling the fam

    Percy and Artemis tell their family about the baby

  18. Telling the fam part 2


  19. The birth

    Title says it all


Give me ideas

Darth Tartarus Darth Tartarus

Can't wait for the sequel!

Um... Half the time I have no idea what is happening beacouse of all the spelling and grammar mistakes

The Far Side The Far Side

Its really good I just suggest that you try to fix your grammar and spelling mistakes so that the story will be easier to read

Hey I know u want to be author I don't want any one changing my story but if u let me know on some Ideas of yours I might put them in and give a small shoutout