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I Ship it


The seven are your typical students at Goode high school. Jason Grace was the star runner for track and field until he twisted his ankle and his sister convinced him to join tech crew for the school musical. Reyna's in charge of the whole tech crew, and when she introduces him to Piper McLean, he falls head over heels for the lead of the show.
Meanwhile, Annabeth Chase has come back from a scholarship at the private school, Yancy Academy. She and Percy Jackson reunite after her year at boarding school, but Annabeth has a secret she's too scared to confess to her parents.
Frank Zhang is new to Goode, and he joins the photography club, where he meets Hazel. He desperately wants to get to know her better, but Hazel's overbearing adopted father keeps her under tight lock and key after school hours.
Calypso is the editor in chief of the school's newspaper, determined to find a story before her next deadline. She decides to write an article about the school's musical, but Leo Valdez is persistently pestering her to write about his mechanics club instead, while trying to flirt with her.



So good please upate

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