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The War is over, Time to get this summer started


I'm really don't know what to write as a summary but here's the starting of the story...

  1. Leo gets an annoying new sister
Leo Valdez sat on his bunk thinking of something he should be doing but not really remembering it. His eyebrows furrowed and he tried to think but it was pretty hard when Nyssa and Harley were having a huge argument which was way interesting than thinking. Leo's finger tapped random messages in Morse cord and even once tapped egg biscuit is fine.
"What am I supposed to be doing?" Leo asked. "Who knows?" Answered Pauline, a new cabin member. 13-year-old Pauline Ramme was born in The UK so, she was different. Like Leo, she was skinny and her hands looked like they couldn't hold a screw. Everyone was surprised when she was claimed by the god of fire. "It would be better if you did nothing." She continued. "You always mess things up or blow things up. Or usually both."
"Hey ram, I'll take that as a compliment." Leo answered back. Pauline frowned at her book apparently not enjoying being called ram. She rolled her eyes. "Go outside and do some push up if you have seriously nothing to do. You'll at least get a muscle when you are fifty then."

(read the book to continue. It would be amazing if you do so.)


Pauline Ramme

Pauline Ramme

Sister of Leo Valdez, British, and has enough sarcasm and sass to blow up a cabin. Oh, and she's talkative.


  1. The War is over, Let's get this summer started

    Author's note This story Is the continuation of the Heroes of Olympus series. Of course, I will be changing some things a bit, like, Leo is not with Calypso. He isn't dead or lost. He is back at CHB. Also, Katie and Connor are together in this book. I ship them a lot. Obviously, there will


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