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Laura Jackson


Yeah,being a demigod sucks.
I've determined that.
I don't understand why the hell the goddess likes to do this.
She thinks,oh Percy AND Jason? That was fun! Lets try it on Percy's SISTER!
Yes,me. The famous Percy Jackson's sister, and he doesn't even know I exist.
But Dear Ol' daddy Poseidon says to go to this beach down in San Francisco for another clue. So here I am,sitting here in this beach and literally nothing has happened.
That's what I thought until I noticed the kid with the lighting blonde hair.
I KNEW him.
This was Jason Grace.
THE Jason Grace.
Son if Jupiter...FROM CAMP JUPITER?!
Why was I acting so weird?
But wait, who was that with him?
A girl with brown hair and green eyes(wait no blue,or brown?)was standing next to him along with a brown haired boy.He looked kind of rough,like he should work in a car repair shop.
Immediately,I hated him.
He OBVIOUSLY was a son of Hephaestus. I have a PERFECT reason to hate ALL spawn of HIM. I shook the thought out of my head.
"No."I told myself,"You can't think about that."
I got up out of the water and changed into my human form. Oh yeah I can do that. I was taught that when I was young by Poseidon himself.
Woo hoo! So much fun!
I walked over to them.
"You need something?" I asked.
"Yeah uh, you wouldn't happen to know the locals here would you?" Jason smiled nervously.
"Yeah we are looking for a,uh,certain,"person." the brown haired boy piped in.
I glared at him. I clenched my fists.
"A neried. You're looking for a neried,right?"
"How did you-"
"Hellloooo?"I rolled my eyes,"You're looking at her."
"You are the neried?"The girl said,"You look...human."
I shrugged,"Just something I learned."
"Leo shut up. Sorry um..."
"Sorry Laura."She smiled.Aside from her rugged clothes,she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen.
I glanced at Leo,and folded my arms.
"C'mon." I said, "Lets go somewhere more private."


  1. Laura Jackson Chapter 2

    Laura just met Jason Grace, a beautiful girl and a kid named Leo, what could go wrong?


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