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Hi!! Everyone.

My name is Afrah. I am a Muslim. I am a shopaholic. I just love novels. My favorite ones are Divergent, Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games and of course Percy Jackson. I am a complete bookworm. Oh, wait. If there's anything even more than that, that's me!

I have long black hair, really long. Black eyes and a fair complexion. I am a little on the chubby side.

I also like to cook when I my nose is not stuck in a book( which is like very rare). I am 15 years old. By birthdays on 13 February. I just love horror. Give me any horror book or movie, I will watch or read it. No matter how scary.
I really love it when people read my stories, enjoy it, subscribe and give me a feedback.

I love the bands One Direction, Backstreet Boys, Maroon 5, GIT Fresh, Little Mix, 5sos, EXO and The Band Perry. My favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, Adele and David Guetta.

I am the epitome of laziness and weirdity. Hey, wait. Weirdity is not a word. But then I am weird, so I will be making weird words to show how weird I am. Makes sense? No.

I am also the best at dramaqueeness(did I just make a new word? If I did, how can I get it into a dictionary? Do I send the president a letter about it? Or send it to the publishing company? If it is , indeed, made a word, will it above say, 'this word was invented by Afrah Afzal'? Can you copyright words? Why is all this in brackets?).

My favorite quotes:

Demon pox, oh demon pox
Just how is it acquired?

One has to go down to the bad part of town,

Till one is very tired.

Demon pox, oh demon pox,

I had it all along.

No, not the pox you foolish blocks,

But the song,

For I was right and you were wrong!

- Will Herondale (The Clockwork Princess)

Many more, but feeling lazy to type. Maybe tomorrow?


Stacey Pendragon-daughter of the sea

Stacey Pendragon-daughter of the sea

PG-13 Romance Adventure Fantasy

First Installment in the House of Hecate trilogy.


7.4 31 Votes
PJO Headcanons

PJO Headcanons

PG Comedy Fantasy Drabble

All the Headcanons you'd need!


Completed ✓
7.8 6 Votes
Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods Quiz

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods Quiz

G Comedy Action Drabble

this is a quiz about Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books and good old greek mythology


Completed ✓
9.4 10 Votes
Just A Bunch Of Gifs

Just A Bunch Of Gifs

PG-13 Comedy Teen Drabble

Pretty much just random, categorized Gifs that I like, think are cool and worth sharing, and also so I don't misplace them. :)


10.0 5 Votes
The Other Stories

The Other Stories

PG-13 Action Adventure Drabble


8.0 14 Votes
Nico Di Angelo Fan Club

Nico Di Angelo Fan Club

PG-13 Adventure Teen Drabble

Some of us like Nico Right?


10.0 6 Votes
Over A Cup Of Tea

Over A Cup Of Tea

PG-13 Drabble Autobiography

How about if you could interview your favorite CANON or OC characters?


Completed ✓
9.0 4 Votes