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Just A Bunch Of Gifs


So, pretty much, I'm going to get a bunch of Gifs and post them here under categories like:

  • Nerds be Like
  • #Fangirling
  • John Green Moments
  • Sherlockians Tho
  • Spoiler Reactions
  • PJO Gifs
And others. These are the ones I just thought off the top of my head, so the categories may vary. They might be a just a little bit explicit sometimes, so beware. If you comment below asking for a link to gif to attach to your bio, or for your blog, or whatever, please be VERY specific on which one, and I'll message it to you. This may seem pointless, random, and a waste of your time, so you don't have to view this. I don't want the views, I just wasn't it to be out there. Please don't post any rude or snide comments about how incoherent this is, and if you don't like it, don't view it.

Also, I do not claim the making of any of these Gifs, I'm just collecting and sharing them from various sites and sources. All credit goes to the original maker, not to me.

Anyhoo, now that THAT'S out of the way, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!! :D XD

Enjoy! :)


Afrah the great ;)

Afrah the great ;)

A fangirl with serious fangirling problems. Love Nico di Angelo and Will Herondale. *swoon*

Marium :) (a.k.a. the_fourth_fate)

Marium :) (a.k.a. the_fourth_fate)

Sakra Devanam

Sakra Devanam



  1. Sheldon Gifs (with links!)

    Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is a popular character in the hit television show Big Bang Theory. He is the ambiguous leader of a group of nerd friends, who's mouth may be the only thing larger than his brain. (By Marium ☂)

  2. Doctor Who Gifs

    by Torissa Nikole


    by Krissi

  4. Important!!!!


Sheldon....he's friggin AWESOME!! Also, I think I want to see some PJO and HoO gifs...

@Torissa Nikole
Good! :)

LilacQuills LilacQuills

Sounds good!

@Torissa Nikole
I went on my moms phone when she wasn't looking and checked your DW GIFS. They were hilarious, I adored them. :) And, guys, you too, @MorningStar , please PLEASE save John green LOLs, because I have ALOT of them, so wait till later tomorow, and you guys can add anything after I've posted Kay? Please? :)

LilacQuills LilacQuills

Lol love the rainbow one :D XD

LilacQuills LilacQuills