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Torissa Nikole

Torissa Nikole

Torissa Nikole

INFP. In short, my favorite activities may include singing (on occasion), acting (if I can find somewhere to do it), writing, reading, fangirling, digital art, and gazing brainlessly at a screen most of my homeschooled day. However, my brain may decide to pay me a visit long enough for me to help out anyone who needs/wants some. Favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy, and I am currently (attempting) writing a science fiction novel (http://www.wattpad.com/myworks/20637470-being-human-on-hold) PLUS a PJO fanfiction on this very website (see below for "Crystalline Melodies"). I do, however, update a bit slowly because my work load is (curriculum proclaimed) at least as intensive as college (workload-size wise).

ANYWAYS, since this is my profile, you probably came here to a) read about me or b) read my stuff, and if it's the latter, scroll down and do so. Assuming it's the former, I might as well start talking.

Changed my mind. Instead of talking about me, I'll talk about my writing. Compromise.

I've been writing since I was nine years old, where I started with my first fandom: BIONICLE. (I am a tomboy, don't judge.) That was both my first voluntary fiction work and my first fanfiction. I still have the first page of the first draft, all torn and wrinkled and yellowed and underlined and crossed out and sentimental. *sighs dreamily, then slaps self back into reality.* Continuing. My philosophy with writing could probably be summarized by the quote by Toni Morrison: "if something you want to read hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." That's what made me start with the fanfiction. I remember I didn't even know what fanfiction was, or copyright laws or any of that: I literally thought I could get it published someday. It actually wasn't all that bad, for being nine. It wasn't very canonical, but that's a habit I've made for myself: I start in canon and sort of drift out of it, then take the characters and plot that was based in the canon world and make my own. That's why I like to write PJO fanfiction so much: I can focus on plot and character development in a setting that's already been made for me, then when I've perfected the latter two, I can create my own setting and possibly get it published. That's what I hope to do with CM. Another thing about my writing is that I have a very...different style. I can't write like Rick, or any author really. I guess if I had to pick one author I'm most similar to, it'd probably be a mix between J.R.R. Tolkien and Susan Collins. This means that people will likely not want to read my fanfiction a lot because people come to read fanfiction so they don't have to focus too hard on anything, and can get some easy "feels highs" off random fluff. Well, that's not how I write. I won't conform! I refuse! I am Divergent, I cannot be controlled! Just kidding. But really, it makes things like collabs hard, and it means most readers will find my writing tedious because I try to make it literary. Ah well. I try to write for me, so the number of readers I get doesn't mean everything. It's certainly nice and encouraging, but it's not the real point.
Back to history: I wrote several short stories along the line after that, and planned out a couple decent novel ideas between ages 10 and 12. In fact, whilst almost all of them have been shelved, there are probably at least three of them that could be redone and published someday.
The main problem with my writing is that I would always come up with characters and setting first, then the plot. I would never have an aim, and it would basically just become a life story with literally no end. I'd never finish it. So, I think that having the setting put out for me (therefore forcing me to do plot first) may make Crystalline Melodies the first full length non-short story I've ever finished. It's already 18,000 words long, which is 2,000 words longer than my old story length record. And I have the plot entirely planned out (getting more detailed all the time), so I'm really hopeful for this one.
Call me obsessed, but this whole CM thing has become my pride and joy. I know it's considered bad writing habit to get too attached to your characters, but I can't help it. It's not because I actually LIKE them (Krystal and I would probably hate each other in real life, cause we're so different), but because in my head, they are real people. They have strengths and weaknesses (lots of those), bad days and good days, normal problems and not-so-normal-problems, and I enjoy figuring out EXACTLY what makes them tick every second of every day in every situation. To me, I've created real people. That's why it's so much fun for me.
I can't explain it. Don't judge.

Since this whole "favorite quotes" thing seems to be pretty popular, I might as well.

Rory: Okay. Okay. I'm trapped inside a giant robot replica of my wife. I'm really trying not to see this as a metaphor.
Amy: How can we be in here? How do we fit?
Rory: Miniaturization ray.
Amy: How would you know that?
Rory: Well there was a ray and we were miniaturized.
Amy: Alright.
Antibody: Welcome. You are unauthorized. Your death will be implemented.
Amy: What's that?
Rory: I don't know. It's your head.
Antibody: Please remain calm while your life is terminated.
Amy: We come in peace!
Rory: When has that ever worked?
Amy: Oh shut up.
Antibody: Please cooperate in your officially sanctioned termination. It is normal to experience fear during your incineration.
--Doctor Who, "Let's Kill Hitler"

"That's us," he said. "Those five nuts right there."
"Which one is me?" I asked.
"The little deformed one," Zoe suggested.
"Oh, shut up.”
--The Titan's Curse

"Politeness is deception in a pretty packaging."

“Moths," repeats Will. "You're afraid of moths?"
"Not just a cloud of moths," she says, "like...a swarm of them. Everywhere. All those wings and legs and..." She shudders and shakes her head.
"Terrifying," Will says with mock seriousness. "That's my girl. Tough as cotton balls."
"Oh, Shut up.”

"Total annihilation in T-minus one minute."
"It's been an honour knowing you, Doc."
"The feeling's mutual. I'll see you guys tomorrow for lunch."
"That's right, B.O.B. And there'll be candy and cake and balloons."
"Cake and balloons for lunch?! It's gonna be the best day ever! I love you guys!"
--Monsters vs. Aliens

"I'd love to tell you I had some deep revelation on my way down, that I came to terms with my own mortality, laughed in the face of death, et cetera.
The truth? My only thought was: Aaaaggghhhhh!”
--The Lightning Thief

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I also host a tumblr where I will review anything related to RP or Writing. Check it out!: Creative Creations

ANYWAYS, if you slogged through all of that, you must be either really bored, or be stalking me, but I'm honestly fine with either. You can find me on social media/other writing sites as listed above! :D

*bows out* Thank you for reading my humble descriptor. Live long and prosper.


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